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Application that allows reader to cut/copy/paste articles with a click

Ap automatically pastes/saves article in file/program of choice (Microsoft Word, Open, Apple..) just like downloading an image or a audio file. Below articles an icon beside share icons. If the publisher doesn't want it copied they don't include the Ap.

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    Feb 28 2011: How do you define "article"? Different sites use different IDs in HTML to identify what part is the article ("main", "content", "article", "issue", "post" to name a few).

    Add to that the fact that advertisments are not always clearly labeled, so even if you properly identify the article, you're likely to get the inline adverts as well.

    The HTML5 specification addresses this in half by adding an "article" element to HTML. WAI-ARIA is an alternative for today's sites, but the sites themselves need to implement it. Once they do, they don't have to add any sort of icon on their site - if you have an appropriate browser add-on, you can copy&paste to an app.

    I guess I could try to create an add-on that would use those (no promises; I'm a web developer, but I haven't made browser add-ons before, so I'll only start researching), but with the mentioned caveacts:
    1. Publishers will have to mark their article somehow. The add-on would simply show an error message otherwise or simply be unavailable.
    2. Publishers will have to mark their ads somehow if you are to get ad-less content.

    An important note even if I or someone else creates such an add-on: Most publishers today don't mark their articles.