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What do you think are the top five problems in the world today and what are the solutions in your opinion?

Got me wondering, watching the news today, how come it is possible that in the 21 st century my generation and the generation of my parents have the same issues and see the same global problems. This is ridicilous. Have we evolved as a species at all? What do you want to see really change in your life span in your country and/or in the world?

  • Oct 10 2011: 1) Education to all -
    Reuse of 1st generation electronics(active old electronics) in under developed countries for education
    Development is only possible with good education, so invest on education.
    Use of online portal to transfer knowledge and educate people.
    2) Corruption - Teach next generation
    It is impossible to clear or reduce with parasites all over, only way to really tackle this problem is teaching young children and making it subject. So, children who grow can realize what is wrong and stop doing this. Once it is feed in to the character building of a student then he will follow that rule for ever.
    3) Reducing waste - Plastic
    Go green.
    4) Help -
    Help what ever way you can. GENEROSITY.
    5) NO WAR-
    Solution - NO WAR.