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I believe the right to an education is a basic human right..what can we do to make that a reality?

Governor Brown just signed the Dream Act and that propelled me to think about how accessible education is in United States and around the world. Education shouldn't be something that only the privileged can afford. What can we do to give every child an opportunity to improve their lives through education?


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  • Oct 27 2011: Cellphone classes on demand free around the world- both sound only and video combined. With the reduced cost of phones and increased sophistication you could have a relatively inexpensive fix. Cal 111-w222-2222 for first grade. Semester 1 is extention blah...

    In more remote parts of the world have radio booster stations that have many channels for various subjects and current events.
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      Nov 3 2011: I like the direction you are going, but be careful. The best education is not pushed out through videos and lecture, but engages and actively involves the student.
      • Nov 3 2011: See above- Thought I was replying to you.

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