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I believe the right to an education is a basic human right..what can we do to make that a reality?

Governor Brown just signed the Dream Act and that propelled me to think about how accessible education is in United States and around the world. Education shouldn't be something that only the privileged can afford. What can we do to give every child an opportunity to improve their lives through education?


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  • Oct 10 2011: Hi Cathy,
    With the utmost respect to you.
    The poor and the privileged, have the right to an education.
    IT is the parents!
    Every child has a opportunity, to get a education.
    It is up to the parent, or, parents.
    Why are we relying on the states to educate our children? They are our babies, our children; our teen- ager's?
    There is no "right" to a education. IT must start with the parent, OR, parents.
    Govern Brown is a butt head. (California is in a sad place)
    With Respect To Ya!
    • Oct 14 2011: so tishe. If you have happen to be born to parents who are drug addicts and don't give a s*** about you, you shouldn't be allowed the chance to get an education?

      You say it MUST start with parents. Well you're screwed because your parents want drugs more than paying your tuition to Stanford! Tough luck kiddo!

      All these comments are ridiculous. You are trying to solve a question that has a million variables. Impossible to answer. But I think each country is really trying!

      And I hate politics entering the occasion, but at least President Obama of the USA has made it easier to get student loans by eliminating banks as the middle man. Each country is made better by the percentage of its citizens who are educated. The problem with this question is to what degree of education? 8th grade? high school. Baccalaureate degree..post-grad? No school..just learn by being outside? (I am being facetious here.) Narrow your question and you will get higher quality comments/answers. Whoops, my professor status is showing!
      • Oct 14 2011: That is a good question professor!
        It has to start with the parents! Okay, if a child has a fu---ked up parent or parents, then the state takes over. Right? Oh, how is the state doin?
        You are giving praise to Obama for giving student loans. BUT questioning me about crappy parents? There is a big difference between a child and a student loan from obama. So, professsor, what is your, real solution? Cathy did a fine job on her question! As for me, please do not ever Rate my comments again! I did not come on this excellent forum to be rated by a professor! Professor's are over rated. With Respect to Ya professor!
        • Oct 17 2011: Well as a teacher...I should tell you that the plural for professors is professors, not the possessive form "professor's" as you wrote.

          And to say professors are over rated..well there is no comeback to such an asinine comment. So you are smarter than any teacher you have ever had? That is what professors are...teachers.

          And who are you to decide who rates your comments? You must live in a very isolated ivory tower where no one is allowed to speak unless you allow them! Ahh. the royalty!
      • Oct 17 2011: "If you have happen to be born to parents who are drug addicts and don't give a s*** about you, you shouldn't be allowed the chance to get an education?"

        Dolts see Bigger Government as the solution to problems. The imaginative & educated see hard work, scholarships, charity, loans, etc. as paths to financing a college education.

        Helen O kekai, Please try to keep comments reflecting very limited imagination to yourself.
        • Oct 18 2011: Good comment! Interesting and a very debatable one!!
      • Oct 18 2011: Thank you for the lesson, Ms. Helen.
        With respect, I am very far, from living in an ivory tower.
        I have been asking around, to other humans. The question was, "is education a right?"
        A very much, 50/50 split. Then I asked about teachers. Not a good response! (sorry) I will go back out there and ask about proffersors. (sp?) Spell check, went tits up! Take Care and good luck in educating the masses.

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