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International Children's Day Focus

Let's celebrate International Children's Day (November 24, 201) by putting politics and religion aside and focus our TED energy on a plan to educate the world's children. We've got the technology and I'm willing to bet that our focused passion and energy can produce some awesome results. Whether your passion is for the environment, health, nutrition, ending abuse, etc. - share it with a children's group on November 24th If every TED member did even one action to educate children on International Children's Day, imagine...

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    Oct 18 2011: Jaime - I laughed when I read your comment. Perhaps that's why "tolerance" is ineffective when applied to people - because it's an engineering concept and not a people/relationship management concept.

    Karina - where do you reside where "tolerance is now the law"...I'm only inquiring because it's certainly not the law in the USA. And I wold argue that come ideas are "intolerant" of others's differences because they disrespect, devalue and discount the importance of difference.

    NEVERTHELESS - let's get back to the idea on the table here. My organization is going to do the following to celebrate International Children's Day on November 24th:
    * gift membership scholarships to needy children/families
    * we're also going to participate in a global International Children's Day Celebration via Voices of Women
    * we've created a video to share promoting why people are thankful for their respective cultural heritages

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      Oct 31 2011: Love your plan for International Children's Day!

      I'd like links as well, please, to see if there is anything that I can use in my class/school. What exactly does your organization do?

      [Tolerance: I was referring specifically to the US, where now you need to be extremely careful about expressing your opinions, however correct or personal, because instead of a clarification in response to a comment/sermon/book read out loud, you may get a police citation or be sued.
      I teach bilingual children; tolerance in the REAL sense is our every day language; we respect cultural, physical, and linguistic differences, and celebrate them.
      But I see tolerance now being used to impose on others views and ideas, which is clearly an oxymoron.]
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        Oct 31 2011: Greetings Karina!

        Thanks for the feedback! We have selected 12 individuals who we consider role-models worthy on international emulation and we will be awarding gift memberships for the 2012 calendar year to 25 elementary school children in the respective cities where each of our honorees grew up. The principals of the recipient schools will select the students who will receive the membership gifts and we are encouraging the principals to give special consideration to children in foster care, children from financially-challenged families and/or children dealing with the military deployment of a parent.

        KitchenKids! develops edu-tainment resources and programs for kids ages 5-12. On our eLearning website - COOL BEANS iNEWS - we provide activities that promote reading, writing, math, science, geography, history, nutrition, fitness, computer literacy, community engagement, cross-cultural appreciation, responsible role-modeling, voter literacy and provide kids with an introduction to reading, writing and speaking 52 different languages.

        We are based in Roswell, Georgia but via our website we currently serve members in 14 U.S. States, Johannesburg, South Africa and - soon - Liberia and India. We are a Community Partner of the U.S.Department of Agriculture and several regional organizations in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. We have a relationship with an elementary school in Dallas, TX that serves as a lab for us and we also have also just initiated a partnership with the University of Delaware's Education Department that will allow s to work with teachers-in-training who seek integrative learning materials to use with their future students. We are a membership organization and the annual fee is $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for kids ages 5-12.

        Please contact me directly - KitchenKids@yahoo.com - re: resources you can use in your classroom/school. I'll be be happy to send you additional information about us and the numerous endorsements we've received
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    Oct 15 2011: I have major problems with the word "tolerance"...people want to be respected and valued not tolerated
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      Oct 15 2011: Exactly, but tolerance is now "the law", and many politically incorrect/ disliked comments can be construed as "intolerant" and grant you a warrant -now, who is intolerant here?

      Back to the blog, keep me updated :-)
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      Oct 15 2011: Leslie----tolerance is a word from engineers...means the amount of friction between two materials in motion.

      So we are not materials in friction, we are humans in relationship, so we nurture with respect, from latin RES_PISCERE , means "let it grow" or "care to grow".
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    Oct 15 2011: Leslie, to add to your idea of a blog...

    Cuenta conmigo, but will it go far?

    I give you one polemic word that will stand on the way and probably take YOU and every blogger to jail, the same word that is being manipulated to silence many other worthy causes:

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    Oct 12 2011: Jaime, I invited other folks from other conversations in which I've been involve to join our activity. Perhaps you will be willing to do the same.

    Jaime, me invitó a otra gente de otras conversaciones en las que he sido involucrar a unirse a nuestra actividad. Tal vez usted esté dispuesto a hacer lo mismo.
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    Oct 12 2011: Jaime..

    .I was thinking we might start a blog & conversation ask all TED members to specify at least one action they will commit to doing on International Children's Day to improve the lives of children in their respective communities. In that manner, people can participate in a way that best suits their individual/organizational needs and interests. On the actual day, we can ask participants to say what they did and how many children were impacted by their actions AND total the number of children worldwide who benefited from our concerted efforts.
    Yo estaba pensando que podríamos iniciar un blog y una conversación pedir a todos los miembros de TED para especificar al menos una acción que se comprometen a hacer en el Día Internacional de la Infancia para mejorar las vidas de los niños en sus respectivas comunidades. De esa manera, las personas pueden participar en la forma que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades individuales / organizacionales e intereses. En el día actual, podemos pedir a los participantes a decir lo que hizo y cómo muchos niños se vieron afectados por sus acciones y el total del número de niños en el mundo que se benefician de nuestros esfuerzos concertados.
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      Oct 12 2011: Leslie wonderfull idea, besides the denounce blog I'll design some to send you by e-mail and of course we can start a conversation here....great we are care the real future with real hope. Thank you
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    Oct 12 2011: Why we don launch a blog to denounce all child molesters, all those who beat them, who abuse them...to put the real name of the offender and his photo. All those scumb afraid to be expose....cowards....

    so if we open the blog entitled ¡NO MORE!.......maybe we will offer a door to the kids to escape and denounce these beasts. We can think that all in childhood is nice and pink. And we as rsponsable adults raise the voice to claim for justice.

    Tjis is the first thing to do in order to priorities ( I believe this strongly)
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    Oct 11 2011: Your english is not "awful" Jaime - and it's a whole lot better than my spanish...thanks for the explanation of interchild...i'll be talking to about all of this real soon!

    Su Inglés no es "terrible" Jaime - y es mucho mejor que mi español ... gracias por la explicación de interchild ... voy a estar hablando de todo esto muy pronto!
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    Oct 11 2011: My apologies for my english....is really awfull ----

    INTER = inner child
    INTER = international (childs are everywhere)
    INTER = interactive
    INTER = internet

    keep walking
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    Oct 11 2011: GREAT IDEAS, Jamie...let me run them by a couple of my sounding-board folks and see what they want to add to the mix. We might already have contacts for some of the things you've suggested.

    Please elaborate on the concept of INTERCHILDREN - does it mean international children...internet collaborations to benefit children...interactive children... or could it possibly mean all of those things and more?

    Your English is great but please let me know If you'd like me to use Google Translate to make future conversations more comfortable for you. It will give me an opportunity to practice my Spanish. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Las grandes ideas, Jamie ... me dejaron a cargo de un par de mi caja de resonancia gente y ver lo que quiere añadir a la mezcla. Ya podría tener contactos para algunas de las cosas que usted ha sugerido.

    Sírvanse proporcionar detalles sobre el concepto de Interchildren - Qué significa niños colaboraciones internacionales ... de Internet para beneficio de los niños ... los niños interactivo ... o podría significar todas esas cosas y más?

    Su Inglés es grande, pero por favor, hágamelo saber si usted quisiera utilizar Google Translate para hacer futuras conversaciones más cómodo para usted. Esto me dará la oportunidad de practicar mi español. Esperamos oír de usted pronto.

    Descubra lo fácil que es - a pesar de que mi español no es tan bueno como tu Inglés!
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    Oct 10 2011: Leslie why we dont start to celebrate with the 1st INTERCHILDREN 2011.....

    The same principles but adapted in every country to:

    1 joy and gratefull for the very existence f childhood (as you can see i put my 5 years photho)
    2 design an identity for INTERCHILDREN
    3 looking for international support (Unesco Unicef and their relatives in each country)
    4 design an intercultural series of arts by childrens hand: painting toys storys tales books clothes furniture (i'm designer)
    5 launch an international contest for design posters against violence (among children and professional designers)
    6 promote an international day for design and build toys (by children of course) in a vernacular way between different cultures and then promote and organize an international exhibit around the world
    7 launch the contest I DONT KNOW THAT I CAN'T DO. about child creativity (actual and historical examples
    8 celebrate with a big party (here in mexico piñata party) the eternal childhood.
    9 launch a contest in essay about childhood between scholars around the world.

    what do you think?
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    Oct 10 2011: Hola Jaime! Let's put our hearts, minds and energies together to see what we can do in concert to celebrate International Children's Day in an impactful way.
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    Oct 10 2011: Leslie Great idea...we from Guadalajara follow this initiative....we run the Asombratorium just for kids. Joy discovey, surprise, toys and learning....everything with happines, care and love. We run in the same line, Thank you.