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How have you re-edited your life/space?

I invite you to contribute with ideas as to how be practical in reducing the "stuff" we own and to how we can fill the void they leave with something that money can't buy.


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    Oct 21 2011: I used to watch a U.S. TV program in which host(s) help de-clutter & re-organize people's homes. One episode the host was trying to convince this woman to let go of a ratty old recliner that she had used during recovery from a terrible accident. She was very emotional about the chair. The host pointed out that it wasn't the chair she wanted to hold on to, but the comfort and security that it represented. He pointed out that she would not lose the memories or the healing, just the ratty chair. This was an "AHA" moment for me and helped me let go of some things I was holding on to for purely emotional reasons. I have since cleared many boxes of clutter from my growing collection of keep-ables.

    I am an artist and love to upcycle. It is very difficult to let go of materials, as I see everything as a possible something else. Periodically I have to council myself that even though something CAN become something else wonderful, I will probably not get around to utilizing this item or that so I might as well relinquish the item to another possibility and create a bit of space for myself in the process.

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