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How have you re-edited your life/space?

I invite you to contribute with ideas as to how be practical in reducing the "stuff" we own and to how we can fill the void they leave with something that money can't buy.


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    Oct 10 2011: I tend to think that re-editing our lifestyle and lifespace is as good as any change. I wouldn't stay in the same place too much, nor in the same lifestyle. Perhaps for a person who goes to the same office for 20 years and to the same house with the same furniture and same design, the mind and the heart start behaving in a pattern and they get narrow-minded. But when things change for us from time to time, we are force d to adapt, think outside the box, consider alternatives and possibilities and so on. So for a person who's been traveling a lot and moving from one place to another, it could be interesting to experience settling down for a while. Not as a way of staying that way, just as a way of experiencing stability and enjoy the inside of one box in its depth :)

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