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How have you re-edited your life/space?

I invite you to contribute with ideas as to how be practical in reducing the "stuff" we own and to how we can fill the void they leave with something that money can't buy.


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  • Oct 9 2011: I have no excuses for my inability to get rid of what I no longer need, except one. I inherited this packrat gene from my father. I live in a very small apt, about 400 square feet, 36 sq meters. I looked for a new bed frame after my old one broke several years ago. I had a total space that was 197 cm long, so even though I looked at every single bed that IKEA sold, I couldn't buy one, they were all 200 cm long.
    The one significant step I have taken to save space is to buy a Kindle. There are other reading machines out there, too, and I don't think it really matters which one you get. But in a device that is the size of a Burda monthly magazine, or two issues of the Economist, I can hold literally thousands of books. Many of the ones I have are free -- all of Louisa May Alcott, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare and Homer. I also have The Help, March, and dozens of others that I bought. So if you are a book worm, try a reading machine. Then the only problem is to actually toss out all those books you have become so attached to!

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