Mark Vadasz

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Everything that exists in the universe or as an idea is worthy of argument and judgement. Nothing is above questioning.

I include the idea proposed above.

If a person responds to criticism with offense, then they don’t agree with that idea, but even that argument has substance. What does not have substance?

So I'd like your opinions. Prove me wrong with something you've come across that is not worthy of judgement or argument.

It seems to me anything that does not meet those two criterion do not exist.

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    Oct 9 2011: As the number of things that can be argued is infinite, I think it is better to restrict oneself.

    If you want to debate about the number of angels that can stand on the point of a needle, go ahead.
    I prefer debating things about reality though. Except when playing games or just have some fun in a fantasy context...

    But anything can be judged of course... on a personal account I judge it silly to re-do those things that have already been debated and firmly concluded in the past. As well as spending time on nonsense (except in recreational context)
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    Oct 9 2011: I do agree with the idea of nothing being above questioning.
  • Oct 9 2011: Hi and welcome to the world.
    We are humans.
    Argue that.
    Do not knock your self over this idea.
    (yea!) With Respect to Ya!!