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What is the most beautiful thing in Islam?

Islam contains many beautiful things like The Quran, faith, angels, life guidance and creativity. I would like to know what you think is most beautiful about Islam?

  • Oct 9 2011: The most beautiful thing in Islam?
    The children! Wow, easy answer!! With Respect.
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      Oct 9 2011: Hi Tishe, Imagine if we play as a parents like what they do with their children. they must play with them honestly with no single lie or deceiving that forbidden on us and it's worst than Sin.
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    Oct 8 2011: Everything in Islam is for a certain reason and there is a strong meaning behind each concept. So honestly I can't choose one thing. The whole idea of Islam is magnificent :)
  • Oct 30 2011: the most beautiful thing of Islam is the flawless design of multi-dimensional system adressing every aspect of life of an individual or the whole world. The most interesting thing of this system is its like someone designed this system for the future generations keeping in mind the loop holes of the past systems. And the mind boggling characteristic of the designer is that it was designed by an arab bedouin who grew up in barbaric arabia. Therefore i am certain Muhammad (pbuh) recieved revelations.
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    Oct 11 2011: The fact that a billion people are taught supertitous beliefs instead of getting a proper education?
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      Oct 12 2011: Hi Gerald, The fact of superstitious is something has no proof of MATH that you are learned from school, Is that Right? if that is Right:-

      1- We have The Quran (Holly Book) proofed by MATH. Please, See this Article.

      2- Any superstitious action made by human But by God. I don't think so.

      3- What The difference between Dead man/woman and sleeping man/woman. as Materialist scientists they said nothing, So what is happening? that means there another thing make humans live's, what that thing? if you don't know the answer, Please find it by yourself. What you will lose by that. if you find the answer that is great if you don't, you will lose nothing.

      4- All human brain's are logical by thinking, that mean 1+1=2 ,


      Thanks for your comment i'm glad to see another logical thinking person.
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        Oct 12 2011: But wait a second... There isn't a sane scientist in this world that thinks that a sleeping body is much like a dead one.
        When you sleep, there are so many things going on in your body, I wouldn't even know where to start. Let's keep it simple. The heart is pumping blood, the brain is active.
        Nobody is puzzled by this. It's incredibly well explained. This machine works fine without a soul. The brain works fine at building its virtual reality and building knowledge about the environment. All this is well understood.
        You would benefit greatly from getting interested in modern medecine. It might look like miracles to you, the stuff they're able to do now...
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          Oct 13 2011: Hi Gerald, So what about Coma? the same explain. and tell me what about the Quran and Math this is someone make it or god?
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    Oct 10 2011: Well I'm not a Muslim, nor entertaining that possibilities, but I will I can see the appeal of the call to prayer. Orientating yourself in a spiritual way regardless of what what else is going around you is a great way for people to find a healthy way to prioritize their lives and let what does not matter slip away.
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      Oct 10 2011: Hi Anthony, I'm not saying to entering Islam but you can use it's ideas to make your life better. Like praying when we are praying we must leave every thing behind us and thinking about god, so that make our brains relief from our life Concerns.
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        Oct 10 2011: Oh no I did not feel pressure from you, I only wanted to clarify my point of view I was commenting on.
  • Oct 9 2011: I hate to ask, I may regret this. I do not understand your point or what you are saying? My apologies. (oops, forgot to hit the reply link!)
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      Oct 10 2011: Hi Tishe, Why you are hate to ask (" FROM YOUR BRAIN RIGHTS TO KNOW ANYTHING SO THAT HAPPEN BY ASKING "). When a parents trying to play with their children They must playing with so honestly and without any deceiving or lie, for example if we are playing with them chess game we must play it without cheating if we do that we make a forbidden action.