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How do I begin to develop a TED-style direct-democracy electoral web-site? How do we?

Candidates, citizins, officials upload town-hall meeting talks, lectures o issues and solutions in a bid for office. We the people vote them up and down, vote NO Confidence, censure, impeach, link to candidate watch groups, comment, interact, share, plot candidate interests, actions, financial support, votes, etc--like a consumer watchdog. Candidates post profiles--full bios with user interaction--wiki-leaks style siting ethical abuses, financial support and endorsements such as non-profits and outreach groups. Links to articles. Links to NGOs, non-profits, speeches, talks, clips, blogs, etc. Once it is up and running, citizens will act, current officials will pooh-hooh, but eventually use it for advantage and it will stick.

  • Feb 26 2011: In recent days the number of idiots posting silly comments in the Huffington Post has been on the increase.
    These people will probably destroy the Huffpost over next couple of years.

    I do not know how you can create a democratic web-site that is not subject to the noise and interference from the mischievous, the ignorant and the idle. Democracy is very appealing when in the hands of late modern progressives reforming busily with programs devised by expert meritocrats and technocrats but it loses its shine when the leadership of the democratic state comprises premodern, traditionalist, anti-intellectuals who wish to introduce mad legislation.

    Being democratic is not enough.