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I believe the reasons for effective communication is an important idea that should be taught.

I have observed that many people try to correct others and such without even knowing why. There are people who say "spelling is important" or "grammar is important" but why? It is important because it helps you more clearly say what it is you are trying to say with as little misinterpretation as possible. The problem is we do not all define things in the same way so the words we use are all flawed. When reading something it is your job to try and understand what it is that was going through the other person's head when they were communicating with you, just as much as it is their job to clearly say what it is they are trying to say. It is a joint effort that must be made not only by one party, but both. That is why there is such emphasis on communication, because without clarity we are not able to express our intentions. If we did not have one another then we would not be able to make our world a better place. Communication is not only important between you and another but within yourself as well, what are thoughts but just you communicating with yourself? I believe that every problem that has ever occurred in our society has been due to clarity in one way or another.


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    Oct 8 2011: The key is simplicity. With simplicity, more people can understand. In the end, communication is about accommodating your audience, about treating others the way THEY want to be treated (the platinum rule).

    And you're right a lot of people are ineffective communicators, often obscuring the concept with unnecessary words and sentence structures.

    Communication is the most important skill to have.
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      Oct 9 2011: But is simplicity the key? Is dumbing things down the solution for understanding? I don't think so. Making information simple will not be the solution to the communication problems because a lot of information is not simple; it is complicated.

      Many times the best way to share information is to expalin it in different ways. Each person is different and sharing information from a different point of view is a great strategy to communicate complicated information.

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