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What do you think is the main reason why contemporary kids do not like / understand opera?

Speaking of music, my generation has a strong tendency to go mainstream and identify themselves with modern music, that unfortunately seems to be from assembly line production -- all the same with no soul and no real massage to demonstrate.
When I mention opera as a beautiful music genre and an interesting way of expressing your thoughts through music, the majority doesnt get it. They probably think it is too "old school" or too boring to have an actual contribution to their lives, or they assume it is a part of the "high-society" life, that not all of them can and want to live.
Can you think of any ways to make opera more attractive and open to all of us? Do you think opera should somehow evolve and adapt to the requirements of the market, or that it should stay classical and traditional?


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    Oct 13 2011: i wonder how many people would like this

    • Oct 13 2011: :O no way, I am listening to Philip Glass just now :D
      I love his music ... he makes soundtracks that might not be so epic in their grandness, but they are pretty intimate and evoke a very strong feeling (of fear and dejection usually- appealing on the Secret Window Movie music). He is the master of harmony and beautiful musical minimalism.

      The vid you just sent is indeed interesting. Again a proof that he can make a something out of nothing :)
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      Oct 15 2011: Kristian...thank you...this is one of the most importants works from Glass. Extremly important and beautifull.
    • Oct 18 2011: wow thanks for sharing
    • Oct 20 2011: It is very easy to listen to and, therefore, like: harmonious, melodious, repetitive. It is people like Schoenberg who are very difficult to listen to, understand or like. And intellectual snobs ridiculed young people coming to music for preferring the old classical composers of melody and harmony and not understanding Schoenberg and his ilk. As a result they turned to stuff that's fun the listen to, like the Beatles,
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        Oct 20 2011: i can assure you, i've never ever heard this name. in public schools, at least around here, modern music is completely missing. and people listen to pop, rock, hiphop and simple techno, all of them are melodic-repetitive. this alleged force-fed modernism is nonexistent.

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