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What is the next big thing?

In all fields of science we are continously broadening our horizon, we learn more and more about the world and ourselves and use this knowledge to discover, invent and improve.

Inspired by TED 2011's motto "The Rediscovery of Wonder", my question to you is - of all the current developments, which do you think will be the next big thing?

Providing links to TED talks or other sources of information would be very nice.


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  • Oct 10 2011: open wifi p2p network architecture free to join buy a phone open it set your preference and there you go scalable internetwork based on wifi devices uncensored owned by the people and for the people . free internetwork for life
    if you can tolerate the speed ( the more there are devices the more speed you get as there are more "paths" )

    when ? ... well i don't know its still all in my head ...

    of course our society will probably crumble before that ...

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