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Selling kidneys. Is it unethical or an untapped business opportunity?

There are towns in India where people are selling their kidneys in order to support their families, not realizing the detrimental effects it will have on them. They are largely being taken advantage of because it is a black market affair. Because of this, it would make more sense for both parties to have it legalized so people all over the world can get the kidneys they need and the people who are selling them will be protected and compensated fairly.


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    Oct 11 2011: OK. I see where you are going here. Wow. That would really work! The problem is I can't see it getting past the ethics committees! As America is the only wealthy industrialized nation that does not ensure that all its citizens have health coverage, do you think that if we implement this idea some Americans would decide to sell a kidney to pay for their health care? This rather than go bankrupt?
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      Oct 12 2011: Susan please let me remind you that "America" is a whole continent, not a nation. And maybe is not so "whealthy". Historically the United States of America solved their problems with the use and abuse of others nations and individual resources.

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