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Selling kidneys. Is it unethical or an untapped business opportunity?

There are towns in India where people are selling their kidneys in order to support their families, not realizing the detrimental effects it will have on them. They are largely being taken advantage of because it is a black market affair. Because of this, it would make more sense for both parties to have it legalized so people all over the world can get the kidneys they need and the people who are selling them will be protected and compensated fairly.


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  • Oct 9 2011: I think selling kidneys is seriously unethical in several aspects.
    First of all there's the seller's side. I don't think we can define a decision of a man to sell an organ as "free will". A person who sells a kidney is probably doing it because he needs the money badly, or else he would have donated it or wouldn't have given it up at all. To me, buying kidneys (at a ridiculous amount of money which goes to the donor I might say) is abusing the weakness of poor people, in order to achieve personal gain, and that's wrong.

    Secondly there's the buyer's side. If we would legalize kidney selling, the process might become more organized but it will create a situation in which the higher bidder gets the kidney since the seller wants to receive the maximum money. In my opinion it will also cause the organ -donations- to slowly disappear. In that case, the price for an organ transplant will rise and will be affordable only for rich people, leaving all the others to die while waiting. I believe surviving a disease shouldn't be a rich's luxury, but a right for all. Don't you?
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      Oct 9 2011: since when "needing money badly" is somehow the opposite of "free will". i understand that you want to deny the very thought of being in such a situation. but there are people in such a situation, and you can't help them with banning the solutions they might come up with.

      yes, there are people who might make a well informed, rational decision to give up a kidney. and get money to heal their child, for example. you consider that a bad decision? what other possibilities they have? what is your proposal? let their child suffer? or win the lottery? or you are willing to transfer the money they need?

      it is easy to shut your eyes, and deny reality. but doing so, you are hurting the people you speak for. in order to save who? an idiot who donates a kidney to get another dose of alcohol or drug? why should we care? i care more about the guy who wants to use the money for good. i trust people with their decisions. and i'm okay with idiots making idiot decisions too. that's the price to pay if we want reasonable people to be able to make reasonable decisions according to their principles, ethics and values.

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