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Selling kidneys. Is it unethical or an untapped business opportunity?

There are towns in India where people are selling their kidneys in order to support their families, not realizing the detrimental effects it will have on them. They are largely being taken advantage of because it is a black market affair. Because of this, it would make more sense for both parties to have it legalized so people all over the world can get the kidneys they need and the people who are selling them will be protected and compensated fairly.


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    Oct 8 2011: Well being an Indian I can understand the issue.The problem is most of the poor people are uneducated therefore they really don't know what will be the effects of selling their kidneys.But there are also people who would want to sell them in spite of knowing the effects and we have no right to stop them.Therefore I agree with you,legalizing things is a good way to tackle this problem but it is difficult to practically implement it in a country like India where there is so much of corruption. I think that creating awareness among uneducated people regarding this is vital to solve this problem.
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      Oct 8 2011: If it is legal would you dare to go to the hospital?
      Maybe you go for a kidney stone and you come home with one kidney less.
      Or wors you die and they cover up the cause.

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