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Is everyone capable of deep intellectual thought?

I have been thinking a lot lately and I have wondered whether or not the average person is capable of the intellectual thoughts of the "geniuses" of our world. Is it possible that the geniuses of our world have just been fortunate enough to connect the dots and that everyone is capable of these thoughts, they just have not had that sort of... self discovery yet.


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  • Oct 10 2011: ...Continued

    This opinion does not preclude intelligent people - as many of the people I know who are like this are quite intelligent, but they do not have the patience for introspection nor to spend time to think deeper than how to solve the next challenge with shallow shot-gun blast of suggestions that will possibly hit the mark. We are each born with our own disposition, thought processes, and communication patterns. People born with this disposition are not deep thinkers with respect to the aforementioned assumption of what "deep thought" means here.

    Third, "genius" itself is in the eye of the beholder. A genius is not often by him/herself considered a genius. Then by whom is a genius considered a genius? Other geniuses? Are not many "Old Masters" considered genius? Picasso? Beethoven? Mozart? We, the incapable, the non-geniuses, have recognized in others that which we have been unable to acheive or understand. When you consider these geniuses, and how they were masters at their art, and their art was the reflection of their genius, then we have to question whether the argument that genius and deep thought can be bound by culture, language, or articulation. I believe that the deep thoughts of true genius will always be articulated.


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