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Is everyone capable of deep intellectual thought?

I have been thinking a lot lately and I have wondered whether or not the average person is capable of the intellectual thoughts of the "geniuses" of our world. Is it possible that the geniuses of our world have just been fortunate enough to connect the dots and that everyone is capable of these thoughts, they just have not had that sort of... self discovery yet.


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      Oct 8 2011: Hm I like that...
      "Think of who created thought, why do you stay in prison when the doors are so wide open?"
      I interpret this as a statement that basically promotes insight... it encourages people to think for themselves. when it says think of who created thought, the first thing that came to my mind was myself...because you create thought for yourself... nobody else can teach you to think much like nobody can teach you anything...they can merely shed light upon or nudge you in the proper direction... you must teach yourself... through your experiences...also i believe that this quote as a whole is explaining a lot of what I had been thinking about when I first posted this question... and really captures it well.... if we are all capable of inner-thought ... learning from within ourselves...then why do we allow for such a societal influence without questioning it? I do not believe that being influenced by society is necessarily a bad thing it is the fact that most of the time we do so without even questioning why we are doing the things we do... i think that if people had a better understanding of the things they do it would allow us as a society to become more collective and work together to make the world a better place... but we must clearly be able to communicate... without misinterpretation of our intentions... which I think is where the big problem is...clarity... i have noticed that many conflicts throughout life have been due to lack of clarity...
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      Oct 8 2011: The thinking is our prison.
      By thinking you divide, deduce, you discriminate and analyze until you shatter the world to pieces.
      Then you organize and regulate, adjust and tune until the world is an archive to define and quarrel about.
      It is the sphere we every moment agree on and recreate.

      It wouldn’t be so bad if we saw all that as language, a way to speak about things but that it isn't the world at all.

      The world has no boundaries other than we make.

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