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We must teach the teachers before teaching students.

It is a dangerous problem when a teacher teaches wrong ideas or materials in a classroom. This has far reaching consequences to students, spreading wrong ideas from class to class and school to school.


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    Oct 9 2011: If we must teach the teachers first.. ok but who should teach the teacher.
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      Oct 9 2011: Hi Rafi, Many qualify teachers can make that happen, it's just meter of time to make your society with high quality education.
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      Oct 10 2011: There are many organizations ( both for profit and not for profit )working for the teacher training in India.They do have their own limitations. Their presence is very less when compared to the volume of activity. In fact I belong to a not for profit org. which is working for a better education would like to venture into teacher training. Government should involve in the process of teacher training. Though it is providing, its not adequate and meaningful. So Govt. and NGOs should teach the teachers. Conceptually no one can teach someone. We can inspire, motivate to learn something. So all the persons who have knowledge in the process may render their services. As Albert mentioned, they are hardest. Yes to some extent. Intervening into their own area may be wrongly perceived as a threat to their dignity. So we should be careful, after all they dedicated their careers to the lives of our hopes.

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