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We must teach the teachers before teaching students.

It is a dangerous problem when a teacher teaches wrong ideas or materials in a classroom. This has far reaching consequences to students, spreading wrong ideas from class to class and school to school.


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    Oct 8 2011: what are the most important lessons you would teach teachers?
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      Oct 9 2011: Yeah, Good question.
      1. Every child is unique, let them be in their own pace, no comparison and little competition
      2. Make their students self-learners, Teachers are there are to facilitate the learning process not the only source of learning
      3. Collate and Comprehend the learnings , do not conclude.
      4. Not only teacher everyone is a student. Teacher is older than student. Should continue learning.
      5. Should perceive the importance of teaching profession in sculpting the young minds. Teaching is simply not a profession its beyond that.
      6. Motivation is not a tool to get things done. It should be the outcome of the learning.

      And many things will come if we keep on writing..."Ideal being" in a straight sense..
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        Oct 9 2011: Great contributions all of them!
        ... open ended lessons
        ... motivation not as a hook but as an outcome (why does this make think of TED?)
        ... teachers as lifelong learners
        ... teaching as more than an 8 to 5 job, but a life-altering calling
        ... teachers as facilitators, not instructors, and certainly NOT the source
        ... every child is unique, no more mass delivered instruction

        As a teacher myself, I believe these wholeheartedly. Glad to know the same is true in other corners of this good old earth.
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          Oct 9 2011: Though the same things, well said. That is the Value and Power of the teacher. As Salim asked for complete reform which is difficult for execution, Teacher is the important stakeholder who can change the fate of the education.
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          Oct 17 2011: Yes Karina. I agree. I would also like to add that we need to teach students that it is okay to make mistakes. They don't have to always be right. They need to make mistakes in order to learn what is right and correct them from happening again. This is part of the thrill of discovery. How many times did Thomas Edison make mistakes before he perfected the light bulb? (rhetorical, but I believe it was over 100+) -G
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          Nov 4 2011: yes.Students should not be passive receptacle of predigested idea.
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        Nov 4 2011: Good analysis.

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