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I have been notified that we have lost one of our TED conversations friends Luigi Vampa. Did you benefit from his wisdom or his life?

Tribute -One day for Luigi here on TED.

A car accident took the life of our friend and conversationalist Luigi Vampa.
Please share what he meant to you, how you benefited or were challenged by his stances and humour.

Here is one of his last responses to me from the question.

Conversation: Should one fear death or not

Debra really I dont know how fear can I feel before death. But I feel strange when I realize that the hard part is to say goodbay to ourselves, not to others. At least I'm going to be death all the eternity. And remember Miles Davis....So what?


Closing Statement from Debra Smith

I would like to sum up this tribute to Luigi with his own words about how he savoured his life. He willed us this boost in the record of his words, for all of us who, left behind, will miss him so much. May we all capture that same joie de vivre that he urged us to reach for!

" My day riding in Rome was full of surprises. Sunny and rainy sunday, the rain announce an afternoon with some good books or films. I recommend to all of you the film from Ettore Scola "Gente di Roma", or the classic from Fellini "La Dolce Vita". Theres another from Scola named "La Cena" very nice film about the roman daily life. My bike suffer an accident and tomorrow I go to work walking. Its nice wake up early (6 a.m.) and go to the Piazza Navona to see the very first sunlight. Then an expresso and panini....I have to search some relation from the politic thoughts betwen Napoleon and Maquiavelo...and my bike go to the hospital. How was your sunday bike.?"
Luigi Vampa, friend, teacher, scholar, wise man.

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    Oct 8 2011: Dear Debra, thank you for opening this Memorial to Luigi. I'm very touched with the news, and extremely grateful to acknowledge that a part of the TED community will miss our dearest Luigi. It means that he did what he was meant to, he was at the present, at the moment with the precise word, the precise quote or the right song for any matter.

    I'm glad to know that he could make a difference among all that have the opportunity to be near him, in one way or another. He'll be greatly miss, but he also will be remembering us to be awake, to see, to listen, to live with all our hearts, with all ourselves. He will remind us to be always at the moment, without distraction, to catch the Kairós.

    Mourn and joy, sadness and happiness, red wine & strong coffee to celebrate life and cherish the opportunity we have everyday to lear, to live, to feel.

    Thank you all...
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      Oct 8 2011: Cara Ninna il mio pensiero va in torno a quelli anni d'oro. Vi ringraziamo la tua gentileza. Civederemo la. E qui si bisogna subito il nuovo caffe per nostri amici a TED.

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