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Is democracy overrated? Is China overtaking the West because they are NOT democratic?

Western democracies suffer from many weaknesses: politicians excessively focused on the short term and just getting re-elected, hung parliaments which cannot agree on legislation and thus very little gets done. Furthermore, maybe the average voter is not sufficiently knowledgable about public policy and macro-economic planning to be qualified to vote for the best candidate.

China, on the other hand, has a generally unified government which can act decisively. It can act with a medium term and long term focus in order to create policies and make investments in infrastructure which maximize the well being of the country.

Will democracy and all of its weaknesses cause the downfall of the West when faced with the tough competition created by the Chinese?


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    Oct 9 2011: It doesn't matter if a country is democratic or not,what we need are good leaders to lead the country.Sometimes it is necessary to crack the whip but if the power is concentrated with one single party as you say then it will definitely lead to corruption because no one will be able to question it.As einstein said ""dictators of genius are succeeded by scoundrels".Democracy even though it is slow it is much better.
    Dictatorship is like marriage,if you can find the right girl ( I mean the dictator) then your marriage life will be sweet or else it will be a disaster.The problem is most of the people are unable to find the right partner.

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