Omer Mahgoub

Communication Engineering, Ministry of Petroleum

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Spreading ICT Technology Ideas, cultures and awareness within deaf community

More than 15% of the world populations are person with disability. As an ICT geeks, my vision is to spread ICT technologies ideas, cultures and awareness in this community with different methods. We found in the developing countries, those person with disability are very poor and completely excluded from many ways of live, especially ICT and there a big digital divide within this communities.
My idea is to start with the deaf to use ICT as tools to include in the community. I want to establish ICT centers equipped with computers and mobiles to develop softwares to let them use the internet and message to communicate with the rest of the world instead of the physical sign languages.

Any suggestions about the idea?

  • Oct 7 2011: I work on a committee for the hearing and visually impaired, they need your help to say the least.