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TED should have more debates.

Many TED talks have great supported claims. Those are the ideas deemed worthy of spreading. I'd like to see more of them put to the test on stage in a debate; to see if they can not only stand on their own, but against well founded opposition too.

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    Mar 2 2011: I absolutely loved the one I saw primarily because it was so superior to those we normally see. It focused on the issues and the facts rather than on debating tactics and I LOVED IT! So my answer is definately!
  • Feb 24 2011: I agree. I would particularly like to see some left - right debates, pitting socialist thinking against capitalist alternatives. TED currently leans a little heavily (understatement...) to the left. I would like to see debates on climate change, causes of the recent economic collapse, foreign aid, the rise of the Tea Party, whether or not governments should be permitted to run deficits, and similar topics. Great fun.