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Recycling cigarette filters

Cigarette filters take a long time to decompose and I would like to understand and learn more about the current strategies that people and companies are developing towards recycling them.


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  • Oct 8 2011: Well from l"ittle seeds trees do grow"...What are the filters made of that makes them stay around in all types of weather for years apparently...Always thought they ,the filters, were some sort of fancy folded paper...If not what are they made of...??I've been smoking steadily for almost 45 years and this problem of cigarette filters littering the landscape has been creeping into the foreground butt by butt...I remember seeing an anti-cigarette butt campaign at a rest stop on the pennsylvania turnpike about a decade ago and laughing at the claims on the poster presentation that the butt end of a cigarette would not break down for thousand or perhaps it was hundreds of years..Living in the country i gather mine in coffee cans and eventually place them into the fireplace(airtight)to extract some btus(joules)out of them..:)

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