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Recycling cigarette filters

Cigarette filters take a long time to decompose and I would like to understand and learn more about the current strategies that people and companies are developing towards recycling them.


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  • Oct 7 2011: Luiz,
    It takes a while to get to the part where I thought about your idea.
    In case you have not watched it yet, let me outline the video so you will know if it should be viewed in it's entirety.
    Basically the speaker has trained Crows to find loose coins lost around towns and to bring them back to a self built vending machine that will feed the Crow a peanut ( think it was a peanut) when a coin is dropped into a slot.
    This might not be the most practical method of collecting butts, but thought it was worth a view.
    • Oct 7 2011: Liked it, and found it interesting...
      But I was looking for something more industrial, that could work in large scale... However, worth to watch it!

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