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What, in your opinion, is the secret to Steve Jobs success?

As an example of a true co-creator of the future what made Steve Jobs special so we can learn from it.


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  • Oct 13 2011: Steve outsourced US jobs to China and elsewhere to make as much money as possible for his shareholders. Really! Why are we admiring this man for taking jobs away from Americans? We take celebrities MUCH too seriously here in the USA.
    A doctor working in "Doctors without Borders" achieves more in 24 hours than Steve Jobs actually did for humanity in his lifetime. Our heroes are all around us...the teacher who uses her own money to buy school supplies; the mother who works night shifts as a nurse to feed and clothe her children; the parents of disabled children who give up their lives to care for their children.
    These are the icons. These are the heroes. Not Steve Jobs or Brad Pitt or Bono.

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