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Would you spend your next vacation in Egypt?

Egypt's revolution has gained back alot of our stolen rights like:freedom,dignity,democracy,...etc,but at the same time we,egyptians, have to pay an expensive price as the transitional stage might affect the tourism sector in egypt which almost 2 millions (2.5 % of our population) people work in and represent 19% of our national income

some say that tourism will pick up really fast as Egypts took the first steps on the right track and the worst is over and it's now safe ,while others say that the next period will be more unstable and the worst is still to come.

so,on which side are you?

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    Mar 3 2011: Most of us long to see Egypt in our life time. It is an amazing place with more history than most of us can imagine. However, I would have to see it settle down again before I undertook the trip.
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    Feb 25 2011: Why not?