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world's civilization is getting dangerous

before, civilizations used to enjoy life for a certain period of time, then gone or vanish
but that used to happen before, when civilizations used to emerge one by one
so the vanishing was for the civilization that have extreme knowledge or technology, just one civilization that vanishes
though, now at current times, we all, the whole world is interrelated
that makes it dangerous for a civilization to fail
this means the destruction of the whole world

  • Oct 7 2011: Civilisation has never vanished, it always has progressed on a different level. In ancient time the inter action of different societies created new realm, new countries and beliefs. Today with the multiculturalism so touted by all, the interacting of economies in the name of business and religion it is not destroying civilisation, it is destroying the fabric of individuality and tolerance. As we know the protest marches in Egypt removed Mubarak and a new order his taken control. How much of this new order will be directed by one group? The Muslim Brotherhood for example. Will it destroy civilisation, not likely, will it change the way of life and the existence of certain freedoms? Definitely so, you have seen religious fanatism already and intolerance of outsiders. But civilisation is the basic body of advancement of science, of the tolerance of opposing views and the co-habitation of the planet. It may be a large family living in different areas or different nation living behind different borders, but civilisation will survive. At no time in the past has the population of planet earth reverted to the stone age or the bronze age. We may have digressed into wars for "Lebensraum' or enrichment, still every time other nations or tribes in the ages have come forward and fought with others for a cause. That is civilisation in a nutshell, 1940 the world un ited against Hitler, 1960 against Russia, right or wrong, it is still civilsation. Advancement of nations of individuals and of technology.
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      Oct 8 2011: agree except
      "The Muslim Brotherhood for example. Will it destroy civilisation, not likely, will it change the way of life and the existence of certain freedoms?"
      the thing is, we are conditioned as most of the world that the The "Muslim Brotherhood" is not good
      well they have their rules, and it's not to prevent freedoms, define freedom if you please........
      it's a governing party that have its own rules, if the people like it, they will elect them, if not they will go down too
      but external pressures is what I don't like

      The Muslim Brotherhood is Mubarak's system made
      so the government acts as the super hero, that stops the evil
      anyhow, this is politics, lies and cheating

      hey this goes in the whole world, but the rest of the world knew how to keep their people busy, I think
  • Oct 8 2011: In the comments about the muslim brotherhood we have to be careful, do not misunderstand the concern. No the Muslim brotherhood will not, no one will be able to destroy civilisation as we know it, the only exeption a all out nuclear war. However the muslim brotherhood has spawned many terrorist elements, from the PLO, to Hezbollah and the various palestinian hyjakings. Achille Lauro and the flight to Entebbe. The muslim brotherhood also has impacted Al Queda to a great degree. Al Shabbab in Somalia is still operating with the support of the Muslim fanatics that have sprung from the Jihadist movement. Abdel Gamal Nasser was the first one to call for Jihad after loosing the war in the Sinai in 1956, he staked the brotherhood with the goal of an insurgent war. This has nothing to do with politics, it has everything to do with Islam being used for the revenge of a loosing army. Sadat made peace in the middle east, but the Islamist movement was borne then. It will not destroy civilisation, but it sure as hell has extracted a price high on lives and has put many middle east countries in dire straights. On a visit to sub-sahara few years ago, I encountered rebel groups from the Sudan to Nigeria, now also in Cote de Ivore, taking directions from Islamic Imams and members of the brotherhood. This is not a condemnation of Islam, this is a necesasary awareness all of us in the west need to have. Since Algeria in the years from 56-61, the influence has been steady and improving, Al Queda in Maghreb is the new force that will continue to cause havoc in north Africa and surely will spread to western Europe within the next decade. It will never destroy Civilisation, but it sure as history repeats itself, it will bring bloodshed and a change of life, a change of attitude to the world. And Selim, I have been to Egypt, I saw the destruction of Synagogues and churches, some as little as two month ago. Still no civilisation has been destroyed, all the time it has advanced.
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    Oct 7 2011: Civilizations vanished because of their need to suck out less developed peoples.
    Those conquered were educated in the process as the victorious got indulgent..

    So the Greeks took over the Egyptians, the Romans the Greeks, the French the Romans, the Brtish the French, the USA the British, the Chinese the USA (maybe).

    Politics and economics has become more important than weaponrry.
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    Oct 7 2011: please would you define "dangerous place" from you won view
    I see we, the governments, who make it dangerous
    to keep being appreciated by the public, not to mention keep being in power

    Egypt is a victim of governance from a group of "special" people too, there we have to define what's it meant by being special
    crazy is special, from someone's viewpoint
    aside, every single leader has his own advantages and disadvantages

    now if you look at governments, why they always are families
    if not the father this election, may be the son, the son was not that lucky the wife is going to have it, next election the daughter will be grown enough to take a position

    but this is not the case about civilizations
    we go to museums we enjoy watching "gone" civilizations, keep saying they were good at and at and they were the first to create this and that

    if we look at the history + that time repeats itself
    can we eliminate the period where civilizations fall?
  • Oct 7 2011: I apologize, but what?
    The world, was, is and will always be a dangerous place.
    This, is what, makes humans special!!!
    What about your own history in Egypt? Very dangerous place, since the begginning of time. Yes? No? With Respect to ya!!
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    Oct 6 2011: They didn't just disapear. They were eaten by other civilization.
    Who's going to eat us?
    • Oct 7 2011: The government will eat us ALIVE!! We are no longer a part of the food chain. With Respect to ya!!