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world's civilization is getting dangerous

before, civilizations used to enjoy life for a certain period of time, then gone or vanish
but that used to happen before, when civilizations used to emerge one by one
so the vanishing was for the civilization that have extreme knowledge or technology, just one civilization that vanishes
though, now at current times, we all, the whole world is interrelated
that makes it dangerous for a civilization to fail
this means the destruction of the whole world


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    Oct 7 2011: please would you define "dangerous place" from you won view
    I see we, the governments, who make it dangerous
    to keep being appreciated by the public, not to mention keep being in power

    Egypt is a victim of governance from a group of "special" people too, there we have to define what's it meant by being special
    crazy is special, from someone's viewpoint
    aside, every single leader has his own advantages and disadvantages

    now if you look at governments, why they always are families
    if not the father this election, may be the son, the son was not that lucky the wife is going to have it, next election the daughter will be grown enough to take a position

    but this is not the case about civilizations
    we go to museums we enjoy watching "gone" civilizations, keep saying they were good at and at and they were the first to create this and that

    if we look at the history + that time repeats itself
    can we eliminate the period where civilizations fall?

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