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What are your 3 words EPITAPH for Steve Jobs ?

TED is for "Idea Worth Spreading".
Steve Jobs did that in a revolutionary way, impacting millions life in a new way that's what I feel.
What are 3 words comes in top your mind for Steve today............in his memory


Closing Statement from Salim Solaiman

Steve you spreaded really good ideas which connected so many people around the world. I was not connected with you with your iMagic but was I disconnected either ?
Not really that was proven once you left the stage of life. Felt I was connected with you even, so was true for all the friends here who wrote wonderful EPITAPH in a virtual world where you were one of the kings......

After so many nice EPITAPHs below , I only have following 3 words for you

Hats Off Jobs

Thanks all the TEDsters for their tributes below....... you made me obliged

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