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If we were to summarize a list of accomplishments for this generation what would you put in it. Would it compare to steve's

Steve Jobs died today and realized that the world has lost a visionary and an inventor.I thought to my self,in that very moment, "can we be the next steve jobs". As in, can one of us from the next generation ever fill a spot in the hall of fame as he did. Can we have a Bill Gates, a Michael Jackson or a Steve Jobs of our times. These people revolutionized the industry, the human race, the people we are today. There may have been a lot of technological advancements in the past but not many have perseviered to push the limits as his generation has. Can we create the next technological advancement and perfect it within our own generation? Can we invent a technology and impact all of the human race.

  • Oct 6 2011: Well so much for all the advancements made by Tomas Edison. I'd much rather have light than a I_Product.

    I sure hope people make as big a fuss when Vinton Cerf or Robert Kahn die since the world would be a much more radically different place without them.

    There were great innovators before Steve and there will be great innovators after.
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      Oct 6 2011: I was always impressed by Michael Faraday and his discoveries - magic made science..