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How can Apple continue to take shape in new ways and build on the legacy of Steve Jobs ?

seeds of ideas... inspired by Apple to grow in new places...

  • Oct 13 2011: Still India and China market is in Apple's hand. Going for these market with creativity will help them to build on the legacy of Steve Jobs.
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    Oct 12 2011: As a chinese,i wanna say somethings that happened in china about the ipone4s.Before the ipone4s appeared in the markets.almost all of us believing that Apple will lauch the ipone5 in no time because of the pictures spread in the internet.And what surprised us most was that some factories in china had produced the cheap copy ipone5 ahead of the lauch of ipone4s.So,the result is that we are all joked on by Apple.However,the fact is that there are many chinese just like the new,fashion,different apperance of ipone to show off themselves rather than choose to purchase the ipone4s which looks like the ipone4.And if Apple could lauch some different types of ipone or ipad and so on that even have the same function,it will have more extensive market
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    Oct 8 2011: For one thing, stop sueing Samsung for pathetic reasons.
  • Oct 6 2011: People who say Apple can no longer make a difference aren't giving Steve enough credit. Think about it. Wouldn't a future thinking, visionary like Jobs plan for his company's future? Steve's genius was innovation. Cook's was execution (the new CEO and former COO). I imagine Steve sat down and spent a LOT of time capturing all of the cool projects he wants Apple to do and then handed that off to Cook to implement. I dare say Apple will continue to innovate for some time...
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    Oct 6 2011: I honestly wish they would split into separate companies: one handling hardware and the other handling software. That way, the benefits of their impeccable industrial design teams would continue to prosper while their software could move more towards open-source movements and 'get in the game' more with the other companies in the software community.
    Sadly, I know that the paradigm is that Apple products are designed in completion as one indivisible product, which is a great in virtue, but not in practicality.
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    Oct 18 2011: ...

    I believe Steve Jobs has demonstrated our appetite for Creativity and a purpose of Creative Solutions in a world of challenges. I think these solutions are within us ... not "out there"... Apple helps empower people with a launching pad of creativity and imagination, it is up to us to fire up our own mind rocket, invite the opportunity to create and collaborate in spaces like TED. Apple led with the "Why" they do what they do... [Creative tools and challenge Status Quo] I think Steve is a giant who gave us great shoulders to stand on... and no ONE person should continue his path, but perhaps ever ONE can, in their own way...
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    Oct 12 2011: great point & insight Linxu...
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    Oct 12 2011: Apple has yet to realize it's potential and greatest markets of India and China... will be interesting to see if they can continue a creative lead and to challenge status quo... reinforced by certain measures, i choose to believe they can and will...
  • Oct 6 2011: They can't....this can't be achieved by proper committee....they tried that.....this requires free thinkers .....thats why they brought Steve back.....Steve was a the "Boss"....they need a "Boss" with lots of vision and not overly educated.....Apples non free thinking MBA's couldn't save the company without the visionary innovator...... India, China and the rest all out educate the US with rote learning techniques....but the US remains the worlds innovator and pop culture giant.....when it comes to popular culture and free style innovation, the US is in no danger of losing it's edge.....the youth all over the world copy US popular culture....gobble up our media...wear their caps backwards or to the side and sag their jeans.
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    Oct 6 2011: Apple has connected the world in profound and creative ways... is this just the beginning ? will they be able to maintain a lead ? can the legacy of Steve Jobs continue to lead ?