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It's a wonderful life in so many ways because of Steve Jobs. What would the world be like if he were never born?

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if this boy had never been born? Let's ponder this.

  • Oct 9 2011: Steve Jobs had a bigger effect than most people. Windows wouldn't have existed if he didn't create first Apple II then Macintosh. Apple II was the first "true" personal computer. Macintosh was the second graphic UI computer, after Lisa, which was also invented by Steve Jobs.
    Imagine life without a graphic UI computer. Most people wouldn't use a computer at all, or use one only at work. Billions of people all around the world are using computers because they are easy and comfortable to use.

    Sure, maybe Gates would've made the graphic UI anyway, or maybe someone else would have done so. That's a big "if" though.

    I might be overestimating him, but I see that Steve Jobs is the single most influential person in the 21st century. Why? because he turned a professional machine to a casual gadget everyone can use, and everyone did. It happened first with the PC, then he made the second revolution (much, much smaller than the PC, but still important) with the iPhone. The iPhone started the smartphone revolution, in which he saw smartphones as small computers instead of advanced telephones. Now, people are connected 24/7 through their smartphones.

    I might use a Windows PC and an Android smartphone, but I know that without Steve Jobs they wouldn't probably exist. I would probably not be writing this from my computer either, that is, if I would actually have a computer.
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    Oct 9 2011: ...landfills full of obsolete technology that didn't even make it to the declared expiration date...

    ... the world would be behind... let me count, how many years was Jobs with apple? :-)

    I owned 6 computers in 7 years, all of them crashed due to some virus that managed to outwit 2 simultaneous, updated, paid anti virus programs.
    I haven't had an issue since I switched to mac, and don't even run an antivirus. Solid design, technology with integrity, products that serve our needs for the long run...
  • Oct 6 2011: Without the philosophy of life and work of Steve Jobs there would not be Apple computers. So graphics designers, and multimedia professionals that can't afford the price of high end multimedia system, would be struggling with the limitations of PC Windows based systems. Nothing against Windows or other operating systems, i know and use them all, but there are things you must do on a Mac, things that you can do on a Windows based PC, or things that you must do running Linux. All versions of Mac OS since my first Mac IIci were excellent. I can't say the same thing about some versions of Windows. I know many real scientists here share this thought: a world without Apple computers and the "dare to do it different" of Steve Jobs, would be in a slightly lower level than what it is now in terms of computer technology. Nothing personal against Mr. Gates.