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It seems the conversationalists herein have relegated the golden rule to the world’s list of bad ideas.

With good arguments defending the golden rule, the original question-- Can TEDsters relegate the golden rule to its proper place (in the world’s list of bad ideas)?--would seem bigoted.
However, Matthieu thought supporting arguments were convincing.
Alas, that assessment did not prevail, so I revised the question to: Since people want to keep or “revive” the golden rule how is it to be applied? Some responses seemed to be: Within my limiting circle. Yet, as the conversation progressed, some participants seemed to consider alternatives. Some may have been persuaded by Lelsie’s complete arguments.
Leslie suggested the platinum rule, “do unto others as THEY would have you do unto them.” It requires discussion and succeeds on integrity and reciprocity. An “ego agenda” changes to “we-go agenda.” People learn “to be appropriately independent and interdependent.” To avoid self-contradiction, they’re blunt about personal preferences.
If a rule is necessary for humankind to discover peace, it seems Leslie has a pretty complete package.
Few TEDsters participated, but I am grateful to every participant; the group seemed to get the task accomplished. Interested people should read the conversation for useful details.
Please comment during the remaining time, as I do not plan to extend this discussion.


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  • Oct 10 2011: As each drop of water come together to form an ocean,each individual has to put in his effort to
    contemplate without fear, bias and other external influences to search for the truth that existed,
    prevails and be there eternally:if you forget the color of our skin,if we remove the notion of
    nationality,be ego less of whatever possessions that you have and not let religion's divide us,
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      Oct 10 2011: vishneswar,
      That's what I'm talking about.
      Is this statement an alternative to the golden rule, an interpretation of it, or does it more or less put an old, bad rule into the book of obsolete ideas? Or do you see it some other way?
      • Oct 11 2011: Golden rule is just one aspect(corollary) of what I have stated.
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          Oct 11 2011: Thanks, vishneswar. In your ideal, what is the statement of the golden rule?

          Is it supplemented by civic laws? Is there civic governance? If so, how is it authorized?

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      Oct 10 2011: um Jesus? Is that you speaking? : ) Amazingly put! You captured the true simple core meaning of what it takes to unite and understand the complexity of the world by first understanding the simple things! Do you mind if I quote you? Your statement really made me smile.

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