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Why do you 'clap' or 'applaud' a talk or performance? For what reasons?

I clap because I like the performance!

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    Oct 18 2011: Personaly I clap when I feel that the performance (a play, a lecture, whatever it was) touched me, particularly if I agree with the speaker on some points. And it turns out that actually I clap to myself, to my thoughts that were spoken out loud by someone! That's a fun, isnt't it? I've realised it only now. Thanks for such a thought-provoking question.
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    Oct 8 2011: I only clap if I really like the performance/lecture or if I can relate to it, you know. Many people just do it out of courtesy. But I think even then you can feel the difference between a long and loud applause and a 'courtesy applause'. It's more than just a feedback for the speaker.
    Good question though, because I never really thought about this before. It would be interesting to know when and how the habit was formed.
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    Oct 7 2011: Carl, its a gesture to reward the speaker for its efforts and hard work, and appreciation for sharing it with us
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      Oct 8 2011: Hi Jayant. I agree with you totally. I sometimes wonder if people genuinely connect with why they clap.
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        Oct 8 2011: Yes, when you clap, it is a genuine connect between the topic, speaker and the audience. An individual (audience) can connect with the speaker on any single point, view, review, fact, etc. which s/he feels is right and appreciates the whole talk for that. As you might know that every talk does not have 100% connect with the audience, it is the facts and views which connect each other, and you receive claps accordingly.

        Just check anytime, when you have a deep view or fact which is common to all, you will get echoing claps in the session, and when you are more technical and to the point, only those who could connect with it, will clap for you and rest will just appreciate the effort.
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          Oct 9 2011: I also think that if we were to sometimes clap to say 'thank you' that it could change the way we engage with each other as human beings. Rather than it being a judgemental reason, it could be for connecting as humans on a deeper level of thanks - thanks for participating and putting yourself out there. I think of people approached it this way we could see a resurgence in human ingenuity.