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The world lost one of its greatest visionaries tonight. A man who made a real difference. What would you say to Steve Jobs, if you could?

One of the most celebrated innovators of our time, Steve Jobs' life touched all of us in one way or another - collectively and individually. How has his life inspired yours? How will you remember him?

In what ways would the world be different if he hadn't been in it? What is his greatest achievement, in your eyes?

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    Oct 6 2011: Human history is now about two apples, the first one which had fallen on Newton's head and the second one which had come from Steve Jobs's head..One sticks us down to our G Force and the other allows our minds to fly...Kudos Steve Jobs
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      Oct 6 2011: Ahem! What about the gloriously incompetent Apple by The Beatles..?!?
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    Oct 6 2011: Steve Jobs and Apple's amazing team of engineers and designers have changed the world by making technology easier to use and more accessible. But they didn't stop there. Just walk into any Apple store or any store selling Apple products and observe the people interacting with an iPad, a MacBook Pro, an iMac, an iPod... Most likely, they'll have a beautiful smile on their face. Steve Jobs and his team pushed the boundaries way beyond acceptable to exceptional. Their rigorous attention to detail, passion for great design and exceptional customer experience has earned them the loyalty of millions of Apple users around the world. Unboxing your first Apple product is not unlike a religious experience. Meticulously crafted to delight, from the moment you switch it on. My husband and I often joke "we're going to visit the church of Jobs", whenever we walk into Sydney's Apple store. Well, what better way to remember such a great and inspirational visionary, than to reflectively surround yourself with what he has created.
    I'll be off to the church of Jobs tonight. See you there Steve. And thank you, for greatly improving so many lives, in more ways we'll ever dare to admit.
  • Oct 6 2011: Steve, you are beautiful
    Thank you for showing us what is possible
    That we can follow our dreams
    That we can march to different drummers
    That we can walk on unbeaten paths
    That "cool" can be a corporate value that inspires
    That we can do what we love and love what we do
    Thank you for all these beautiful gifts
    And your example of a life well lived
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    Oct 6 2011: God, this was a good one Thank You for Steve Jobs!
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    Oct 6 2011: A job well done, Steve. The Apple didn't fall far from the tree.

    And after forgettable experiences with Dells and Hp's there will never be anything but more Apples, Macs and i'e for me! Great technology, creative thinking through and through. Forever thankful.
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    Oct 6 2011: We all try to search for salvation. Every country and every religion has identified, preached and propagated their own ways of attaining the ultimate. The Road to Salvation I think ultimately depends on individual. A 21st century spiritual techie, this one from Steve Jobs is something very similar to what Gandhi ji said half a century ago in totally different context though -“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”
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    Oct 6 2011: You know that scene in Harry Potter where they all raise their wands and the tips are illuminated? we should all do that but with our iphones and ipods.
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    Oct 6 2011: It seems you always did things with mind, body and soul.
    Today was the time to leave your mind and body behind, go on, your soul is eternal.
  • Oct 6 2011: When a man create a thing and add it to the world, and millions like that and some of them love! he's reached to the God level. Because the most impressive characteristic of God is creation.
    So Steve you did your humanity task as well as possible and your way in the world has done perfectly.
    Happy your birthday in your new life...
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    Oct 6 2011: Steve, I think you were one of geniuses inspired many people's creativity. Thank you very much for sharing what you could offer to this world. I wish you the very best that you would move up to an even more advanced and no-trouble place than you have been in this world. There, you can unleash your still-a-lot-more-left your creativity :-). Rest in peace.
  • Oct 6 2011: Steve, you really touch our hearts with your creative mind.You will be alive in the world forever.
    Rest in peace.
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    Oct 6 2011: To me, he was the Shakespeare of Technology. A true genius.

    Thank you for sharing your talents and your good-will.

    You are greatly admired and will be very much missed.
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    Oct 6 2011: As was stated earlier, I never met Steve, but he had a profound impact on me with his ideas and work. I bought into his vision of what the computer/product should offer from 1987 with the purchase of a Macintosh 512. The string of Apple Macintosh computers passing through my life has continued to the recent purchase of a MacBook Pro and iPhone. His innovative vision and my expectation is "simple," "elegant" and "works." This "undeniable and ever present vision" should be the launch pad that each and every designer and engineer starts with when planning a project.

    Steve showed us that it is OK to be different, how to start over as well as how to lead. Something we, as global citizens, need to do in order to grow humanity into a prosperous world that leaves a respectable life for all following generations.
  • Oct 6 2011: A true innovator, impeccable executor and visionary entrepreneur. Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. (1955-2011)

    You advanced the rate of evolution exponentially, making our world a far more efficient place to live in. Thank you for sharing your brilliance with the universe by inspiring so many to exceed expectations.

  • Oct 6 2011: When asked why I love Apple, I give the reason that in addition to the stellar products they produce, my loyalty to Apple is a result of how Apple treats their employees. My sister, at age 43, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon cancer. She had worked at Apple for over 15 years and it was her family. Although she was unable to work towards the end of her life, with only weeks to live, we were informed that her benefits would be ending and she would have to be laid off. My sisters one wish was to be an active Apple employee when she died.....she loved the company that much. Upon sharing her wishes with Apple human resources, they found a way to keep her as an active employee and in October 2006 she passed away at age 46. This small act of kindness is what makes Apple more than just a computer company to me. That is what I would have told Steve Jobs, had I had the opportunity. My sister was actually his corporate operator and would screen calls coming into his office, so he likely may have remembered her. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
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    Oct 6 2011: I would say: Thank you for caring to making technology fit people instead of making people fit technology.
  • Oct 10 2011: If it weren't for the Apple II in our basement as a kid, I wouldn't have learnt how to type. If I wouldn't have learnt how to type, then I wouln't have made it into college. If it weren't for my admission and successful convocation from College, I wouldn't have gone to University. If it weren't for my University degree as a Teacher, I wouldn't have already taught hundreds of children the incalculable value behind Steve Jobs own perseverance and famous words..."Oh, and there is just one more thing." His technological footprint in our schools is and continues to be immesureable. Thank you.
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    Oct 10 2011: He died, And he make something to his world. What do you make for your world?
  • Oct 10 2011: It is widely reported that Steve lured John Sculley away from Pepsi-Cola to serve as Apple's CEO, with the phrase, "Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?

    Well you did. You did it the hard way, followed ups and downs and still achieved it in the end.

    I think I will remember him for the way that he battled on through his illness.

    Rest well mate.
  • Oct 10 2011: Steve jobs tribute poem by an Indian fan...
  • Oct 6 2011: I would say God Bless You for doing the best you could every day and thank you for your humility and beauty of heart and spirit, and for allowing yourself to be you. I can't imagine the things you've seen and thought in the last 24 hours but I'm sure you're having a ball.
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    Oct 6 2011: Hey Steve,

    Thank you for inspiring me to continue with my ideas even ones that no one really gets !

    You are one of our great innovators in my life time.

    Thank you for picking up the challenge and having the courage to follow your dreams.

    All the best for your beautiful journey.
  • Oct 6 2011: Steve,

    You were among the greatest minds the world has ever seen.

    I was among the first generation of children to learn to type and write BASIC programming instructions on your Apple IIc and IIe computers, starting when I was in first grade in 1983. Since then, I earned numerous academic awards, managed millions of dollars as a young Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley, got in to graduate school at the University of Notre Dame and later on helped heal critically injured people as an orthopedic operating room sales representative.

    When a knee injury sidelined me from my dream job in the OR, I engineered a successful career change. Since then, I have developed into a successful financial marketing professional who is a great resource for his clients, who provides a solid living for his wife and 3-year-old son and enjoys seeing their faces light up when they watch Pixar movies and use Apple products every day.

    All that I am today is in part because of your dedication and brilliance. I, like the other billions (and maybe one day trillions) of people that you have influenced, am forever in your debt. I only regret that I never got to meet you and thank you in person. Thank you and may you rest in peace with God.
  • Oct 6 2011: iSteve is world best innovator. He has demonstrated "innovation" in most touch and feel way. Steve jobs is an immortal icon in the universe of innovation. May Steve rest in peace
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    Oct 6 2011: QUOTE: "What is his greatest achievement, in your eyes?"

  • Oct 6 2011: Trust me, he just left us a treasure on

    It's just not ready yet. What a great guy!!! Wish there were more like him..
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    Oct 6 2011: "Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do"/ Steve Jobs

    Your quote always inspire me, Steve. RIP
  • Oct 6 2011: I wish I could peek into that place and time, called Divinity and Eternity, when the Lord was creating Steve Jobs, infusing him with a morsel of His vast intelligence, with the sole purpose in His Mind to let forgetful men of so little faith know that technology and science will never ever decipher the greatness of God Almighty. The Lord merely gave us a glimpse of what heaven is through only one of the many great men He has created, Steve Jobs.
  • Oct 6 2011: A snippet from my first Mac Review in 2006 should say it all ...:

    "...My only hope is that Steve Jobs and his incredibly talented team of passionate engineers design and manufacture just about everything that we use everyday including computer accessories, LCD TVs, cellphones and even toasters and eventually our homes themselves. Hell, why not!.

    Finally I cannot write about this and not talk about Steve Jobs. What a life this guy has lived. 30 years of unflinching and uncompromising passion to deliver great products. Even when the "chips were down". And this adulation coming from a veteran PC user...I guess I have a transplant myself now besides the iMac...and perhaps that is a good thing and long over due :-). "
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    Oct 6 2011: How high have you set the bar for the rest of us, dear friend. Steve Jobs is a hero of mine. We should all strive for what he has achieved. Staying hungry and foolish. Thank you, indeed. My families thoughts are with the Jobs family. My most sincere condolences for the loss of an amazing individual.
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    Oct 6 2011: Wow...Steve, you are not only a visionary in the field of also were clear with what life was about. You did it your way...forged a path in a way that you brought science, and a genuine authenticity of character to our world...thank you for being you and sharing the gift with us:>)
  • Oct 6 2011: "Steve, you did things your way. You succeeded...and you did creating products that have changed the world. Men like you are a dying breed and while success is becoming a punishable offense, it seems appropriate that you leave this world on such a good note. We all looked up to you and admired your tenacity. Rest in Peace."
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    Oct 6 2011: You made a difference in so many ways.....for so many people. Thank you so much for following your bliss; and thank you for sharing it with us.
  • Oct 6 2011: Steve, for me, it is much less about the devices, the apps, the logo but more so about the intangibles that you have graciously left for us. Innovating thinking, self awareness, the art and leadership you exhibited for your 56 years are a wonderful legacy to leave behind. Thank you.
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    Oct 6 2011: Thank you Steve for being a bold leader and giving the world an exceptional product that fulfills so much brilliance. You represented the opposite of mediocre product!
  • Oct 6 2011: Thank you.
  • Oct 11 2011: Poetry + Computer = Mac
  • Oct 11 2011: Dear Steve,

    I never met you and and it was unlikely as you were always in the spotlight. You look like a good man and you added some sparkle to this world of ours. You've inspired me by the magic you contrived around devices that have transformed the way we see ourselves and interact with society. Everyone takes it for granted, but I can remember when beepers were cool. Thanks for the fairy dust, the dream, and the vision.

    Keep Smiling,
    ps; What's it like over there?
  • Oct 11 2011: Steve, you may have changed the world, but not for the better.
    In an age where corporations wreak havoc on the earth and humanity, you're another brick in the wall. A wall that keeps us from living in a wholesome, harmonious life with the earth while keeping it healthy so that future generations would be able to enjoy its unparalleled beauty.
  • Oct 10 2011: I am honored to have shared the same timeline as the great innovator, Steve Jobs. Many people want to go back in time and experience how Edison, Franklin and others changed the world they lived in. Well, we were priviledged to experience our world evolve with every new idea Steve Jobs put into action. Thank you for making every year exciting - taking us into the ever-expanding frontier of technology. I need a new app: iSad. Although I just remembered a saying I recently came across..."Don't cry because it's over, smile because it was". iGlad
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    Oct 10 2011: Another sweet tribute to Steve Jobs that I just stumbled upon. Nicely done. :)
  • Oct 10 2011: Steve jobs tribute poem by an Indian fan...

  • Bee Aw

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    Oct 10 2011: Thank you for being you.
  • Oct 10 2011: u'r my hero, wish u happy there and change the world there wait for us someday
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    Oct 10 2011: Will love you forever Jobs.....
  • Oct 8 2011: "Dear Steve Jobs,

    Thank you for everything you have given us; the iPhone, computers, the organized companies ...
    But, interestingly, of all that you left to this material world, to
    test came only one thought, (at the moment that we all must pass, and that you have just
    passed), one memory ... and that's when you're as young
    homeless hippy ate every Sunday at the Hare Krishna temple.

    If you remembered it, I envy you :) Let all Hare Krishnas praying for you to
    eat with them forever because, as you said with much respected, you loved

    Thank you and Hare Krishna"

    y.s. D
    • Oct 8 2011: This is like giving all the credit to Thomas Edison for inventing the light bulb. Thomas Edison didn't invent the bulb, nor the method of electric transmission nor the light production using electricity etc etc. Thomas Edison was a businessman and he employed the scientists and engineers who worked tirelessly to improve the light bulb which had been invented a few years earlier by someone else but wasn't ready for consumer use - the material for the filament and the gasses inside the bulb needed tweaking. Just as Thomas Edison was given all the credit for inventing the light bulb, Steve Jobs is going to be given the credit for inventing MP3 players, and smart phones, computers etc etc.

      It's a shame that the real people behind these beautiful inventions don't get any credit. We, the scientists, engineers, nerds and geeks are the ones behind the innovations that change the world. The businessmen merely give the funding and take the profits and credit.
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        Oct 10 2011: Entrepreneurs create business opportunities so that Engineers, geeks and nerds put their mind and embrace it as per the given instructions. There are many apps which are like, when you use them, you just say WOW, do you care to check the name of developer and say back thanks to him? Even Steve was never behind fame and credit, He was just behind precision and simplicity. Follow your pursuit religiously, credit will follow you. And to be honest, no matter how good we are, Steve Jobs can only be one in a million.
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        Oct 11 2011: Emre U may be right in your own way. But think about it who really deserve the credit.....Facebook was developed or initially created by Mark Zuckerberg (along with Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, and Chris Hughes)...but Today if you see it has grown with lots of application and stuff which has nothing to do with them...Might be developed by thousands of ppl working for him..But for me, still the credit goes to the creators or inventors(Know a lot has been talked about the disputes between them in social network but just wanted to take out the difference between creators and builders that build on it)..Once a platform has formed you can build on it you just need a lot workers to do it for you... isn't it
        Cause I believe its very difficult and also far sightness, determination, belief and also guts that is required by a person to invent something while expanding or building on that idea can be done by anyone if the platform is laid..Its like although monument and buildings are build by hundreds of workers but the credit goes to the architect . Isn’t it..
        Hence you see few inventors and a lot of engineers, geeks or whatever u say..
        As you yourself have given a beautiful example of Thomas Edison ,really ask urself,Do you think all the scientist and engineers he appointed would have been ready if he had said let’s make a replacement of sun(Cause at that time light was not invented so not was the name "LIGHT")..So that when sun is not there we can still see..we need not sit in dark..There wud be a luaghter he wud have got in response and may be entitled to being mad..The truth is its very very tough to invent something cause it needs vision, determination and belief. Once proven it needs slogging to build it...Get the difference...U have to give it to the inventors who went out of their way because of which today we are enjoying what they left behind.
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    Oct 8 2011: we lost him, but his legacy will live with us forever.
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    Oct 8 2011: I would say to Steve Jobs: I am one of those people who's lives were directly, dramatically changed for the better because of your genious. It may sound insignificant to others who don't work in the kind of environment that I do, but through the use of the ipod and the ability to access a universe of music and other audio from itunes and then to have total freedom to create playlists for use in educational settings, theatre and music education transformed my work. It was like stepping into a new world.
  • Oct 7 2011: You're the person people will amire for a long time. you've inspired millions of people to make themselves
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    Oct 7 2011: Wozniak was actually behind most of the innovation and programming of Apples first few products. Jobs was merely a business man and not much an engineer.

    Hell, he's known to have ripped Wozniak off several times, both before and after the inception of their company.
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      Oct 7 2011: No invention makes any difference until it reaches to people, if Steve has done nothing else, atleast did that right. Is that right ?
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        Oct 8 2011: That is correct, I merely wanted to point out that while he was indeed a remarkable human being, we shouldn't let our grief blind us when it comes to just who he really was.
  • Oct 7 2011: Thank you Steve. You made possible the current worldwide shift from the old paradigm of "Master and Slave" to the TRUE paradigm of EQUALITY in the family of life. Without the instantaneous communication that you gave birth to, there would be no way of rising up as a group of like-hearted souls and saying, "Treat us with dignity and respect."
    You changed forever the nature of the Family of Mankind.
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    Oct 7 2011: Make Iphone5 God Like ;)
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    Oct 6 2011: I embraced your vision, and my first Mac Plus, in 1985. Your computers for ordinary people philosophy changed my life forever, for the better. Apple has been at the core (forgive the pun) of my lifestyle ever since. I have the multi-colored Apple sticker on my 10 year old hybrid. I AM proud to have been your demographic. My life has been most satisfying and successful, and I owe a great debt of gratitude to you (and we can't forget Woz) for your imagination and genius. Thank you. Hope you have fun up there :)
  • Oct 6 2011: Steve, You have carried the torch high, you will be a tough act to follow. We will miss you.
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    Oct 6 2011: From the apple that was plucked from the tree of knowledge, to the apple that fell on Newtons head to the apple from the Beatles and finally the apple that you, Steve have given us. Thank you for the fruits of your labor and for sharing the sweetness. I think we can all taste it now.
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    Oct 6 2011: He has done so much for our computer ..One can never be certain what direction computers would have gone in.If it was not for him..His ability was to lead a team..Have put up notice for Him on .Please light some candles leave condolences its free site
  • Oct 6 2011: Thanks, Steve, for your vision and ideas. They brought so much to so many and will continue on and on... It's part of you that's still with us. Thanks.
  • Oct 6 2011: I have this certainty that I know better than everyone else what's best, and how to get to a place where I'll thrive.

    All those around me look at me with pity, they're certain I'm a fool, and after a short while, they go silent and give up on me.

    Thank you, Steve, for living as an exemplary reminder that I'm right.
  • Oct 6 2011: Thank You
  • Oct 6 2011: You've brought us all a lot of fun and joy, thanks.
  • Oct 6 2011: Steve Jobs---1955-2011

    10 years after Jobs began his legacy of reinventing how we communicate and entertain, I began my Apple- loving journey---Macintosh Plus • Macintosh IIci • e Mac • i Mac • MacBook • i Pod • iPad 2

    As my skills (and pocketbook) increased, I began my collection of Mac products! I have surreal memories of our Macintosh Plus sitting on our card table in a basement apartment surrounded by exposed pipes substituting for a clothes closet! We were the "cool" couple (and a bit embarrassed owning such an expensive computer during college).

    In 1990, spending over $3,000 on the latest and greatest MAC II ci was a HUGE budget dip, but so worth the investment. I saw many Mac fans, both family and friends, question the direction of the company with the firing of the founder of Apple and some jumped shipped and purchased other equipment, but not this loyal consumer!

    The late '90's internet revolution demanded that our machine support such a powerful tool and so we dipped again into the budget for the eMac--the first "one-piece"--weighing in at over 50 pounds!

    During the decade of 2000, our family grew and so did my responsibilities as their mother. Keeping up with technology to document, organize, communicate, and share the events of our lives was a necessity to me and this iMac helped ease the growing pains!

    During the 25-year love affair I have had with this company, I have mostly experienced only minor computer down-time. The one time I experienced technical difficulties, Apple supplied me with an upgraded computer with FREE extended warranty.

    Next week, when the I Phone 4S is made available to Sprint, my loyalty to all things Apple will continue with a vengeance because someday, MAYBE, my loyalty and my money will contribute to the on-going battle to conquer pancreatic cancer and thereby help prevent the premature death of other geniuses.

    Thank you, Steve Jobs and Apple for imagining products through which I create my genius!
  • Oct 6 2011: Did God want the black or white Iphone?
  • Oct 6 2011: I started using the iFamily of devices since 2006 with my first buy of iPod Shuffle and then iPod touch, and then the iPad and it continues. Steve has definitely left behind a legacy of his innovative pursuits for future generations. He has touched millions of lives by his extraordinary vision brought out in a very simple and user friendly manner. May his soul rest in peace!!!
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    Oct 6 2011: Steve, I'm really sorry to laugh at your inventions and rebellious ideas that suddenly became revolutionary for everyone.

    Steve, I offer you my deepest apology due to my underestimate behavior against your patents, products and so on. You are the hero of our lives that always made us get inspirations easier for our career. You have unite every single person in Earth that no other brands could or even world leaders and politicians.

    Steve, your ideas inspired everyone to having a breakthrough in our life although I haven't buy even a single product you made.

    And one more thing, thank you for made us remembering on how short we lived in this world. We shared the same common experience that no one can't avoid or plead. We'll get hungry for the knowledge and experience while we foolishly ask what our purposes to live.

    Thank You, Steve. It's been a ride.
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    Oct 6 2011: Thank you for following your own path and not giving in when in your heart you knew you were right. I feel terrible that for so many years I thought you were prideful, when in fact you were just being true to yourself, and now I realize that when I look at you ... I see the me that I want to be.
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    Oct 6 2011: To be honest, I'm not really sure how my life would be different. I have never owned an Apple product, I don't use iTunes.

    His greatest achievement is his style of simplicity and ingenieuty that is present in Apple products.

    And if I could ask him something it would be - "Why didn't you stop Apple from becoming Big Brother?"
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    Oct 6 2011: You made a difference to peoples' lives. Very few people can claim that when they pass away. R.I.P.
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    Oct 6 2011: Difficult to shrug off the sadness all over the world from Havana to Teheran to other parts of the loss of someone who has influenced all of us so much, in various ways, not only by providing technological apparel but living fearlessly, I re read your Stanford address to the students and use it as a tool to counsel people who are in the grips of hopelessness. For me, personally, you were a beacon of hope and the luminosity of this world.
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    Oct 6 2011: You have given the world one of the greatest invention of the world. I felt like crying when I heard about your death. You have struggled a lot. If you would have been survived more I wish that I could meet you. You will survive in people heart. All who loves IPhone loves you. I don't own it but then also I love you.
  • Oct 6 2011: Steve,.... Now you're in the House of God....Please try to fix Godsmissing communication to Earth, so all of hiscreations on his planet can get a better world to live in,,,if someone can fix's you,,,Thanks Steve and Good Luck.....
  • Oct 6 2011: Thank you Steve Jobs, my hero. You are the 21st Century Einstein. God places people in our lives for different reasons. You inspired a world of people to make a difference. Your courage, ability to help others dream possibilities will live forever. Thank you for touching my life.
  • Oct 6 2011: Good morning Steve,
    Do you consider yourself as a visionnary ?
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    Oct 6 2011: " No one wants to die.

    Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.

    Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is quite true. 

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

    Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart "

    Steve Jobs
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    Oct 6 2011: And thanks for doing a great job with Pixar, yes!!!! Always a challenge for the magamonsters out there, he showed it is possible!
  • Oct 6 2011: A great man and a great visionary .RIP.
  • Oct 6 2011: Thank you Steve...RIP :(
  • Oct 6 2011: So, children gave me an iPod for Christmas inscribed with a message about the "songs of my life". Later, my son came home from college with the MacBook Pro they issued him. It was practically a recording studio in one laptop. So, my husband drove me to another state, 3 hours away for my birthday present - a MacBook Pro. I bought an iPhone with my job's telephone allowance. Since then I have had a series of iPhones, each one a real help in my work. I gave an iMac and then a MacBook to my grandsons for their Christmas. Together, my husband and I bought "his and hers iPads". One day, my mother who is 82 told me that she had a Macintosh in her classroom "back in the day". Her sixth grade students played math games on it. You and Apple were a part of our family for a long time. And tonight, at my office I put down my iPhone and while I was waiting for my husband to bring me dinner I opened Safari and there you were. And you were gone. I know now that you and Apple mean a lot to me. And I thank you for making products that made sense. Good-bye, Steve.
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    Oct 6 2011: Thank you for making sure PIXAR release only good quality movies. (- cars 2)
  • Oct 6 2011: One 'Steve Jobs' in each state and this country will find its way forward.
    A fine example to all young people. Thanks for the vision.
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    Oct 6 2011: Thank you!
  • Son Le

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    Oct 6 2011: This kid opened Xcode 3 on his hackintosh in 2007. Got his MacBook in 2009. Never stopped programming since. Thank you, Steve, for having changed my life. Rest in peace.
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    Oct 6 2011: Besides the amazing Apple products, I personally would thank him for buying Pixar and therefore changing not only the face of computers but animation as well. Toy Story, Findng Nemo, Wall-E, Up are as good as movies get. Peace.
  • Oct 6 2011: Well he helped people get in touch with their creativity by giving them access to powerful tools at a fairly reasonable price. As a musician I have used Garage Band with ease and I am sure thousands in the world have benefited from such a great tool. Movie makers have enjoyed IMovie with same results.
    If there are more artists or at least more people using their creative side then the world is a better place. Thanks Steve. My first personal computer was an Apple in fall 1993.
  • Oct 6 2011: So Steve Jobs discounted his beginnings but I would have been more interested in his inspiration? A Great Man has passed, Randy Paulsh and now Steve Jobs from this same sinister cancer.
  • Oct 6 2011: We lost the man who never sleep MAC, ican only say bye, Mr. MAC, I love MAC, (inever sleep.........)
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    Oct 6 2011: Steve, you are one of the biggest heros in my life and I am eternally grateful to you.
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    Oct 6 2011: What a VISIONARY!!! I still have my CLASSIC II MAC COMPUTER. Thanks STEVE JOBS you change the world!!!