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Why is MONETARY system still more prevalent ? Even after documentaries innumerably released showing the scaling factor about how money is the all cause of destruction, ( documentaries like that of ZEITGEIST), even profounded the VENUS PROJECT that stresses more on the resource based economy more than this monetary system which is finally like a SNAKES AND LADDERS game ; soon as the game gets over , its items are dropped back into the box and packed . Why is such a great inertia still existent. Isn't there anything that can be done by organisations like TED ?


Closing Statement from pv aditya

Thanks for all the comments. views on this post of mine. All I finally wanted was for every person to live their lives to the fullest. Poverty can exist based on the financial condition but every person should have provision for atleast 2 meals a day; only then I will stop thinking about the advantages of being in this monetary society.

Thanks anyways for all your views.

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      Oct 8 2011: "awareness of the current situation"
      I believe this require time, too much time to gradually change what exists
      though, it's a process
      if we change the system, people will cope with the change
      like in case of moble phones, colored TVs and electricity
      was there an understanding phase?
      no, people just coped with what is there in the environment
      this occurs again if we believe what we have is wrong or there is an alternative
      so why not to use it
      because of the power of a given party!, meanwhile we see people discuss fairness as an essential element....
      don't get it personally
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      Oct 10 2011: I thoroughly went down what u have posted sir and its good to get few good note of how many atleast have this thing in their mind to change something to achieve something good for the society :)

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