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Why is MONETARY system still more prevalent ? Even after documentaries innumerably released showing the scaling factor about how money is the all cause of destruction, ( documentaries like that of ZEITGEIST), even profounded the VENUS PROJECT that stresses more on the resource based economy more than this monetary system which is finally like a SNAKES AND LADDERS game ; soon as the game gets over , its items are dropped back into the box and packed . Why is such a great inertia still existent. Isn't there anything that can be done by organisations like TED ?

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Thanks for all the comments. views on this post of mine. All I finally wanted was for every person to live their lives to the fullest. Poverty can exist based on the financial condition but every person should have provision for atleast 2 meals a day; only then I will stop thinking about the advantages of being in this monetary society.

Thanks anyways for all your views.

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  • Oct 6 2011: There are many of articles like yours previously posted in these forums. (And all of them tout the same idiotic beliefs)

    I would appreciate it if people would at least do a brief search before posting the same garbage over and over.

    The simple truth is that these "Resource based economy" ravings all ignore scarcity issues and basic human behaviors. Our current systems work and that is why we use them. They may not work well but I do not see a thriving resource based economy that is around for comparison. (Don't bother blaming your conspiracy theory shadow governments)

    I know the pictures for the Venus Project look pretty but pretty pictures do not make the system functional.
    • Oct 13 2011: Mr. Shingles
      Our current systems do not work. That is why the world (this includes you) finds itself in the predicament it is in. All life systems are in serious decline. If you don't think 100's of species becoming extinct on a regular basis is a problem, please move to another planet! You obviously (to me anyway) do not have the capability to think very critically or differently. The people of the world are in need of serious and drastic changes and this requires something very new and different. Too many, I'm guessing you are one of them, believe what they are told to believe. They think what they are told to think. They say what they are told to say. They don't believe what they are told not to believe, they don't think what they are told not to think and they don't say what they are told not to say. I mean people in America get fired, FOR TELLING THE TRUTH! There is something seriously wrong there. People are becoming mental robots. They are being made into a human form of artificial intelligence. Do you really believe the earths resources are infinite, which is what monetary systems are based upon? Strengthening the worlds' economies right now DOES mean using these FINITE (not infinite) resources up even faster. THEY HAVE TO BE MANAGED AND ECONOMY MEANS "NO WASTING"!! Surely you are not so blind that you cannot see the waste every where in the world, gathering, pooling and piling up in waterways, beaches, rivers, lakes and streams and in our thinking that our systems work! Please! Wake up. Listen, if you live in America, the resources of other countries do not belong to you! Resources cannot be bought. That is a ludicrous belief system that is so obviously failing and I guess you can't see it! Mr. Fresco is not a pretty picture. He is in his mid 90's and has been studying and developing ways for society to change and survive for the future since his teens. How long have you been doing this?
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    Oct 5 2011: Mr James Fresco and his fellow companions in the venus project have particularly stressed on the urge of supressing this monetary form of governing and they even have a great deal of possibility of helping the lost glory of this world .. What is still a problem. Is it just that the monetary system is so powerful ? Cant the people together strive for it . everything starts with a small change at a small place. But later it creeps into the society based on its DOING GOOD to the society and thereby people.
  • Nov 1 2011: May I suggest an idea for some of you to read that I posted to Ted on the Ideas page, page 2? It is titled:
    "Is there a way for the world to solve it's problems that involves most of the population" Not a great title I know.

    However, please read it, tear it apart, or better yet, think about ways to make it better, make it feasible, probable or even possible in the minds of others. It is a problem that needs solving. The people we have in place all over the world, who are supposed to serve as our problem solvers, are not doing the job! We need new problem solvers and they are us! The systems we have in place are why we are in the place we find ourselves globally. We have to get rid of most of our current systems and the way we have been doing things.

    I can't get everything into 2,000 characters and there is much I don't know. None of this will affect me much as I am going to die soon, but it will greatly affect and impact those of you much younger than I. Good luck. You'll need it with ostrich-heads-in-the-sands people like Mr. Bob Shingles.

    A resource-based economy does not ignore the idea of scarcity as he blows hard about. It seriously considers it as economy means "not wasting", instead of what we have now. Also, he is illiterate when it comes to understanding what he calls "basic human behaviors". Why do some behave well? Mainly because they are able to meet their needs while too many cannot because of the inherent inequality created by money itself! It isn't human behavior that is natural. It is perverted human behavior because so many aren't getting their needs met. When they are met, humans behave very differently. Usually in mutual, inclusive, kind, reciprocal and peaceful ways because there is no reason for crime, or greed, hate, violence or fear that one's needs won't be met.
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    Oct 15 2011: Bob

    Would not a resource based economy by very definition address scarcity issues. If a resource is abundant and easy to obtain it its value goes down. Take water for example. In some places it is abundant, while other places it's almost non existent, yet it is equally important to people. In a resource based economy you think there would be pools in Las Vegas. No it would be too expensive.
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      Oct 8 2011: "awareness of the current situation"
      I believe this require time, too much time to gradually change what exists
      though, it's a process
      if we change the system, people will cope with the change
      like in case of moble phones, colored TVs and electricity
      was there an understanding phase?
      no, people just coped with what is there in the environment
      this occurs again if we believe what we have is wrong or there is an alternative
      so why not to use it
      because of the power of a given party!, meanwhile we see people discuss fairness as an essential element....
      don't get it personally
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      Oct 10 2011: I thoroughly went down what u have posted sir and its good to get few good note of how many atleast have this thing in their mind to change something to achieve something good for the society :)
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    Oct 7 2011: the monetary system is about finding a motive for productivity and efficiency, not to mention power
    in the forming of classes
    so that people at lower classes will always have their hopes and wishes to going to upper classes
    to move from a class to another we have to have the money

    actually, I kept thinking of another motive i was not lucky to find any
    though there are trends to remove this mechanism, as far as I understand
    Venus project and Anonymous are some examples
    but to me personally I couldn't find an alternative motive than money for different stages of life
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      Oct 10 2011: thtz on a good note ...! thanks for ur views ..! Shall do my best to get the things right atleast rather than changing the entire system then ..!
    • Oct 13 2011: Hi Mohamed.
      You say you cannot find an alternative motive for what? Doing things? Building something? Creating a new software? How about eating? Or learning something? The problems that you face, and I exclude myself because I have a very short time now in which to live. I will be dead soon., But the problems that you face along with everyone else in the world, should be motive enough. Why does one become a doctor? Is it solely to make money or did the person or most people, wish to help, not hurt or hinder, to make a difference? If it is solely for money, then I believe there is nothing any of you can do to save yourselves. Sorry. Now if the global economy collapses and money is worth nothing, are you not going to get hungry, sleepy, thirsty, cold or hot? Will not there not be a reason (motive) to do something about it that doesn't involve hysteria, fear, violence but that is about helping not hurting, supporting, guiding, teaching, being helped, etc? Why is it that so many cannot envision the kinds of new and different changes the entire world needs, without them looking almost identical to the old, that we have, that is broken, that has taken us to where we are, and that cannot be fixed? Virtually anything that you can think of doesn't cost or require money. It really doesn't and that is thinking differently. Everything costs people, requires time, effort, training, knowledge, willingness, desire, want, need, love, compassion but none of it is money and people are so brainwashed, so cowed that they actually get angry when new ideas don't include being or retaining the old system, the old look, the old way. What a shame. I think a great way to demonstrate, prove and begin the change is to have all the world's military's come together to clean up the huge islands of collecting waste in the oceans. This takes people, boats, fuel, food, and so on, that we continue to provide because we need to and want to and all that is needed for all is free. Humans can do this.
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    Oct 7 2011: I do agree with all your comments ..! What my thought was not to leave this path and strive for it ..! Well I don know how // and thats the reason I have asked in here . I felt U must have thought how can this be brought even after knowing all the issues leading directly or indirectly to poverty .. Atleast an alternative can be thought of instead of leaving it off sayin ITS IDIOTIC this way. Well I guess I got a comment what I already know ..