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Why is MONETARY system still more prevalent ? Even after documentaries innumerably released showing the scaling factor about how money is the all cause of destruction, ( documentaries like that of ZEITGEIST), even profounded the VENUS PROJECT that stresses more on the resource based economy more than this monetary system which is finally like a SNAKES AND LADDERS game ; soon as the game gets over , its items are dropped back into the box and packed . Why is such a great inertia still existent. Isn't there anything that can be done by organisations like TED ?


Closing Statement from pv aditya

Thanks for all the comments. views on this post of mine. All I finally wanted was for every person to live their lives to the fullest. Poverty can exist based on the financial condition but every person should have provision for atleast 2 meals a day; only then I will stop thinking about the advantages of being in this monetary society.

Thanks anyways for all your views.

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    Oct 7 2011: the monetary system is about finding a motive for productivity and efficiency, not to mention power
    in the forming of classes
    so that people at lower classes will always have their hopes and wishes to going to upper classes
    to move from a class to another we have to have the money

    actually, I kept thinking of another motive i was not lucky to find any
    though there are trends to remove this mechanism, as far as I understand
    Venus project and Anonymous are some examples
    but to me personally I couldn't find an alternative motive than money for different stages of life
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      Oct 10 2011: thtz on a good note ...! thanks for ur views ..! Shall do my best to get the things right atleast rather than changing the entire system then ..!
    • Oct 13 2011: Hi Mohamed.
      You say you cannot find an alternative motive for what? Doing things? Building something? Creating a new software? How about eating? Or learning something? The problems that you face, and I exclude myself because I have a very short time now in which to live. I will be dead soon., But the problems that you face along with everyone else in the world, should be motive enough. Why does one become a doctor? Is it solely to make money or did the person or most people, wish to help, not hurt or hinder, to make a difference? If it is solely for money, then I believe there is nothing any of you can do to save yourselves. Sorry. Now if the global economy collapses and money is worth nothing, are you not going to get hungry, sleepy, thirsty, cold or hot? Will not there not be a reason (motive) to do something about it that doesn't involve hysteria, fear, violence but that is about helping not hurting, supporting, guiding, teaching, being helped, etc? Why is it that so many cannot envision the kinds of new and different changes the entire world needs, without them looking almost identical to the old, that we have, that is broken, that has taken us to where we are, and that cannot be fixed? Virtually anything that you can think of doesn't cost or require money. It really doesn't and that is thinking differently. Everything costs people, requires time, effort, training, knowledge, willingness, desire, want, need, love, compassion but none of it is money and people are so brainwashed, so cowed that they actually get angry when new ideas don't include being or retaining the old system, the old look, the old way. What a shame. I think a great way to demonstrate, prove and begin the change is to have all the world's military's come together to clean up the huge islands of collecting waste in the oceans. This takes people, boats, fuel, food, and so on, that we continue to provide because we need to and want to and all that is needed for all is free. Humans can do this.

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