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What do organized communities achieve more efficiently than government? What could they achieve?"

Live TED Conversation: Join TED Fellow Lope Gutiérrez-Ruiz!

Lope Gutiérrez-Ruiz’s eye-popping editorial projects, collaborations and celebrated festivals are creating “pathways to coexistence and tolerance.”

This conversation will open at 11:00am CDT/ 1 pm EDT on Friday 07th, 2011.


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  • Oct 7 2011: Is it possible that innovation alone is not enough? Mutual aid societies and settlement house models of the past seem to create these organic forms of community that we yearn for now. I believe it is possible for us to capture from that history the diversity of approaches and energy, often times across gender and race?
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      Oct 7 2011: Andrea, this brings up some good points about community building around issues of need to benefit each other, but how about framing innovation not in the sense in which it's a means to resolving issues, but as a common goal (which, in parallel, serves to strengthen community bonds, which comes in useful in times of need)

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