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What do organized communities achieve more efficiently than government? What could they achieve?"

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    Oct 7 2011: I am more of a believer in the efficacy of groups of volunteers (or, at the least, voluntary participants) than in movements pushed by governments relying upon the support of people who may not actually agree with the cause. I think that the social media revolution (cell phones, the internet) has endowed current generations with hitherto unimaginable ability to organize and successfully accomplish common goals.
    Right now, the easiest thing that communities like these can do (so far as I know) is to share and transmit information. (Note: I make no claims to the accuracy of this information...) I think that information access is key, though. The more up to date one is with information, the better informed one's decisions can be. (Whether this is the market price of goods that a small farmer is bringing in to market or information about individual liberties in attempting to escape an unwanted marriage.) Additionally, as transportation continues to become more accessible, the organization of these groups may even result in more presence in areas of need. (Although, like with the texted donations Americans saw, after the earthquakes in Haiti, physical presence may be the least of our presence in this revolutionary world of communication.)
    I have great hope for this technology and these voluntary groups, looking on into the future, as well, although I haven't the time to express it!
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      Oct 7 2011: Hi Bella! HI Adam! Awesome points, but lets say that a government / institution is interested in providing resources directly to a community, provided they have reached a certain level of organization that has made an impact. In your opinion what could be the most important indicator of a community's success?

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