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Prosperity in the future and energy.

Proposal for Prosperity
Brennan Hooper

Alot of talk today has been about changing from valueless paper currency to a gold standard. Yes, that is all fine and dandy gold is a fair bit better currency than the paper you wipe your rear with. The only problem is gold is still money, and that is the root of greed and evil (dont deny it just because it is cliche). People will still hoard it and become addictive to wealth and oppress others just to obtain it. I say when all the revolution is over(its gonna happen things are way messed up in the world today) but preferably before it. We transition to a true measure of productivity: energy. Its as simple as that. Everything is energy and there is an abundant supply. We are all rich. We can automate everything (food production car production transportation ect.) and would only need a few volunteers for maintenance and for limited government. Can you even imagine the prosperity? Solar power can collect all the power for us freeing us up to innovate and increase our intelligence! Nature produced everything we have today with energy and it is not even conscious! Don't kid yourself nature didn't buy anything or even have to work. It didn't use poisonous energy sources or destroy itself. I am studying in a field called Quantitative Geoscience which is a fancy word for a Geologist, that has discipline in chemistry and physics. I don't just study rocks... that is a Petrologist. I study the the processes of nature. We are nature so why should we do it any differently? Imagine what we could do. People that think capitalism works are mislead. The prosperity of the 20th century was fueled by cheap energy and cheap oil. Oils not so cheap anymore is it? Hows the economy looking? How much prosperity could there be with unlimited free energy from nature? We must be as efficient and economical as possible. Our current economy is the opposite it thrives on waste. Does anyone else think its time for a change?