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How can we avoid building superstitious A. I. ?

Is superstition part of creativity, in the sense of creating explanations? Can you think of an entity that wouldn't need to go through stages of "childish" reasonning?

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    Oct 5 2011: The reason that human beings are superstitious is that our brains are wired to link things that happen coincident in time as causal. ie: a crack of thunder coincides with an aversive stimulus and they are forever linked as the thunder caused it (or sometimes but less often the aversive stimulus caused the thunder).
    If you are able to program AI without that link you can avoid superstitious reasoning.
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      Oct 5 2011: But then is it intelligence, or just know-it-all machines? The ability to create links, even bad ones... isn't that intelligence. Does artificiality really change anything about this peculiarity?
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        Oct 5 2011: It is still intelligence if you write one subroutine that makes the machine recheck any associations made simply by coincidence in time. The human being makes such errors because of a 'subroutine' that links fear reactions to it.
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    Oct 5 2011: If you can have your AI let access to books, and/or add good Bayesian priors to his initial knowledge estimates... it should work.... Make it clear to it that doubt and critical evaluation is essential.

    Though some forms of superstition are probably inevitable...
    And I guess it will need to go through "childish stages"... but maybe they are over after a few days?
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    Nov 4 2011: I believe there is nothing mystical about the human brain. Our consciousness is purely biomechanical, and, therefore, the likeness between humans and AI will know no bounds.

    Resultingly, the extinction or technological evolution of mankind is inevitable. There is no way in hell robots will not replace the traditional human.

    The only decision we CAN make is whether to become them or perish.

    But that's just my extreme opinion. ;)
  • Oct 6 2011: Nope, can not!
    I have superstitions from childhood! TO this day, I will not pick up a penny, that is head's down! (waz up with that?) I freak out, if someone tries to open an umbrella, in a house. (waz up with that?) My heritage is Irish and Indian. A LOT of superstitions! Good debate!!