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Japan, Tohoku : after an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis, how can the people overcome political inertia and implement new ideas ?

Can Japan’s aging society re-invent its relation to nature and technology after the earthquake - tsunami - nuclear disaster?
What should the role of both Japanese and international forces to rebuild Tohoku?
Should local people be in charge of the reconstruction & revitalization of their region?
I'd love to hear the TED Conversations community's thoughts -- and I'll be bringing your ideas to TEDxTohoku on October 30th 2011, when the people of Tohoku will be discussing these issues in Sendai.

For this conversation in Japanese, please visit: http://www.ted.com/conversations/6160/日本_東北_地震_津波_原発_政治的な無力感に打ち勝ち_新し.html


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    Oct 6 2011: As one of the organizers of TEDxTohoku there is something I would like to share.

    A question that is often asked about Tohoku is "How" we are going to rebuild Tohoku.
    However, there is two essential questions we must ask beforehand:
    One is "Why" to rebuild and the second is "For who" the result of the rebuilding is.

    Experiencing these two questions make us a lot easier to think
    about the "How".

    We then realize who is the subject of the recovering process and who is going to support it.
    We then know which idea to choose when it come to new designs for Tohoku.
    And most of all, these questions state our role in the future Tohoku,
    and our relationship to Tohoku.

    This swift in the way we see the recovering process can lead to great ideas,
    I believe.
    (Let me share my opinion about the theme of this conversation later)

    Jun Kamei

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