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Who is your Everyday Hero?

By this I mean, a person who you see frequently as part of your life, work, school, etc.

Any age. Could be your neighbor, colleague, friend, family, someone you see in your neighborhood.

(Rather than a public figure, famous personality, etc living or not)

.. and share with us "Why?"

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Closing Statement from Dave Lim

It's wonderful to see all the tributes and recognition you have be giving your everyday heroes.

Many people cited heroes based on their disposition towards life and those who give of themselves to others, especially parents and grandparents.

As food for thought, and to share, here are some definitions of heroes:

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    Oct 10 2011: "YOU ARE MY HERO BECAUSE...."

    Would you go up to your everyday hero and tell them that you consider them your hero, and share why?

    If you like, come back and do share with us what happened after...

    (Even if the person is yourself, you can tell it aloud to yourself in front of the mirror)

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