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Who is your Everyday Hero?

By this I mean, a person who you see frequently as part of your life, work, school, etc.

Any age. Could be your neighbor, colleague, friend, family, someone you see in your neighborhood.

(Rather than a public figure, famous personality, etc living or not)

.. and share with us "Why?"

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Closing Statement from Dave Lim

It's wonderful to see all the tributes and recognition you have be giving your everyday heroes.

Many people cited heroes based on their disposition towards life and those who give of themselves to others, especially parents and grandparents.

As food for thought, and to share, here are some definitions of heroes:

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    Oct 8 2011: the next best hero is the hero of the hour- the one that adds to or enlightens the day, it could be a personal gesture, a comment or lesson, a person doing by example. we can even learn from another pain, once we give there is no end to giving more of yourself, and its terrific when you can also be open to receive on all levels. V

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