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Are we bound by destiny? Or can we actually make a choice, other than that we are "destined" to make? ( if destiny exist)

I currently believe that, in a sense, we cannot make a choice, any choice, other than what we are destined to make.
Imagine having a clone of our universe, IE: plants, animals, weather, Humans, even the experiences, thoughts, memories, synapses of all brains, down to the atomic level etc, .but neither Universe is aware of the others existence.
Then if we could "pause" both universes and "play" at the same time where they would be in complete sync, same cloud, same raindrops, same falling leaf, same decisions being made, same thoughts etc from both Universes.
Would not both "Worlds" continue to run in sync ?
I propose that they would continue in sync since decisions are made solely on information taken in previously and or situations which we find ourselves.
Then if we paused "Universe A" and allowed "Universe B" to continue to run for 100 years before "playing Universe A" would not Universe A have to follow the exact path that took place in Universe B? If not, then why not?
I think, if the above is true, that EVERY decision we make is the ONLY ONE we can make as it is based on the things around us, and also previous thoughts and experiences, since this is all we have "to go on" when making a decision.
And since these 2 universes are not dependent on each other, would the fact that one does not really exist change this concept any?"
I think that being able to compare the "idea" of having 2 identical universes somehow makes it easier to understand, or at least for me to be able to try to explain my thoughts.
Not that there is something or someone controlling what we do, just that we have to make THAT choice based on ALL information being presented to us and making any other choice other than that one, is impossible, unless i'm wrong in my thinking.
I tried to bounce this idea off of my wife, but she shuts down when I get to the part about "cloned universe".
Also, if this is true, then how does knowing this information affect you now?


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  • Oct 5 2011: Michael,
    I would thank you for replying, but I know you could not help yourself anyway.
    All kidding aside, you mentioned "The corollary is that, if humans are just physical beings, then they too are completely a product of the physical rules. In that sense, we would have no "free will."
    And "Chaos theory says that this is not necessarily so if the two sets of initial conditions or interaction rules differ, even if it is ever so slightly"
    If things were to, somehow, veer off course from each other, would there not have to had been a "slight difference" somewhere?
    Even as small as a thought being ever so different, could in my opinion, cause a change. But the thought being different would in my theory(probably not mine) could be found out that there was something not "the same"
    I do appreciate your thoughts, and I am so glad that I have found this site, very interesting , heady stuff.

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