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why do we differentiate classroom learning with general[daily life] learning

many of our education systems create a kind of classroom atmosphere which , i think degrades the education system.Why dont most of learn the education being imparted in classrooms in par with our daily life. why do we treat education at school something different from our life's learning.Only because many of us are mentally frozen that school imparts education which is something entirely different from what we learn in daily life.Hence the way most of us think must be altered to make the learning process more meaningful........ what do you say????

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    Oct 4 2011: There is an importance and a place for both ways of learning. One shouldn't cease the benefits and growth of another in any way. I don't think that classroom atmosphere degrades the education system but it somewhat limits the scope, if considered without real life experience. We need to take both ways in similar proportions to be successful as a human being. You are right in saying that our thinking needs to altered to make the learning process more meaningful. Have a look at this related ted talk by Geoff Mulgan:
    • Oct 10 2011: thnx for the link.its nice
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    Oct 4 2011: Everyday life is not a subject on the curriculum?
    Anyways, I do believe the educational system has been developed with the sole purpose not to prepare people for real life situations but to give survival strategies and provide guidelines in one's life. At least it's been so in mine. Can you teach a person how to be human? No. We breed that and it takes much longer than some school years in a dusty classroom (if any). We see education as a wrongdoer but it just happens to provide the basics. There's so much more to know and experience about the world that one should choose to learn this on one's own terms and time frame - nothing and no one should limit it.
  • Oct 17 2011: In my personal experience (in the US), I think the school systems TRY to integrate the daily life learning to their teachings. But lets be realistic here, there is only so many hours kids are at school, there is only so much time a teacher can dedicate to each student and there is only so many parents and teachers that really work at integrating both. I am not in any way defending or attacking the educational system (to be frank I am very disappointed of the one I belong to) nor the way kids are raised, but frankly I think both lack the principles of morality and religion (sorry I had to use that politically incorrect word: religion).
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    Oct 16 2011: Well, not everything can be taught in a classroom. Morals, parenting, behavior, habits, etc. are usually picked up/taught at home. Along with that, schools are here to provide education for core classes, perhaps a language, and electives. Through this style of teaching, students are exposed to a variety of possible job fields they may pursue in the future.

    I am not sure what you mean when you say schools don't teachyou about everyday life. Schools offer cooking classes, speech classes, finance classes, business classes, etc. Of course schools can not provide a class on everything you do in your life, they do an effective job on preparing students for independence.
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    Oct 10 2011: Hello Jayanth,
    Perhaps things are changing in this respect? In this area (north-east USA) many colleges and universities offer credits for life experiences, which works very well for people like me, who do not like the class room type of education:>)

    It seems that we are becoming more aware of the value of life experiences AND the interconnection with formal education. We know that people have different styles of learning, and it's appropriate to recognize and appreciate individual preferences:>)
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    Oct 10 2011: Since classroom things are appeared to be forced then our free activities of daily life