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The frontier between Science and Art

How to set apart science and art? Both flourish with creativity and inquiry but science is normally more appraisal-oriented, while art is seems to be affective-oriented. Is it possible to define a frontier between science and art? How much one depends on the other? This is the theme that will be discussed during TEDxUnicamp.

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    Feb 16 2011: When we all integrate into the experience of expressing our multiple intelligences with equal intuitive systems of language will emerge that unifies the 'beautiful pure perfect love' of it ALL. Science and art included.
  • Feb 16 2011: isn't science about measure? I know that BOTH science and art ask questions. But hmmm doesn't art then just express?

    I was reading this fascinating article a while ago about tthe Shipibo people:
    Home Page > News and Society > Nature > Communion With the Infinite - the Visual Music of the Shipibo Tribe of the Amazon
    Communion With the Infinite - the Visual Music of the Shipibo Tribe of the Amazon (also see vidoes about them at Youtube. I saw this wonderful video where you see a woman creating this art and you can hear an Icaro being sung. It is magical!!!

    This really blew me away. I am an artist also, and I just *love* this ;))) It surely IS science and art and~~~~Mystery.

    With 'Know' there is ALWAYS its twin UNknown...

    ps, if you search the title at Google Images, you see their art there too :)
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    Feb 16 2011: Science is the study of TRUTH -- The discovery of facts that can be supported or disproved through the proper use of the Scientific Method.

    Art is the study of MEMBERSHIP -- The generation of various works that create an emergent affinity between itself and "beholders".

    Both our understanding of the TRUTH (alignment with philosophical models) and our understanding of MEMBERSHIP (alignment with memes, fads, tastes and cultures) vary with time.

    Both Science and Art follow similar development curves, however; Science seeks to find Integration among collections of things that appear different, while Art seeks to find Differentiation among collections of things that appear similar.
  • Feb 16 2011: Art is far more subjetive than science--the idea of what constitutes good art changes constantly over time. Good science, on the other hand, is recognizable regardless of the time period. Science also involves considerably more left brain thinking than art does. Science builds on itself, using the old to move onto the new, something which art does to a far lesser extent. Also, science is a mix of creativity and logical rigor, whilst art is just creativity.